Quote of the day—Judge Robert C. “Brunes” Brunetti

No one in this country should have guns.

Judge Robert C. “Brunes” Brunetti
September, 2013
Second Amendment Rights Attacked Behind Closed Doors
[Don’t ever let anyone tell you “No one wants to take your guns away.” People who say that are lying. It’s what gun grabbers do.

See also Nobody wants to take your guns (via correia45).—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Judge Robert C. “Brunes” Brunetti

  1. So, the judge thinks the cops should be unarmed before they come to disarm me? Um… If we all are divested of our guns, do we get to fall back on knives and rocks and, oh, wait, humans have already been there ‘n done that. I believe I will politely but firmly decline to surrender my best means of personal defense, thankyouverymuch.

  2. “Here, Baby; get in my van and we’ll put these handcuffs on you. We’ll have a great time, I promise. What? You’re afraid? What are you, paranoid? Hey; I’m a nice guy. Just look at my face.”

    • Because he probably lives in a gated community, and has taxpayer-funded armed security.

      This is why I often refer to gungrabbers as ‘neofeudalists’. It’s the same song and dance. The feudal lords party away in their castles, safe behind heavy stone walls, siege weapons, and guys in armor with swords and axes. The peasantry? Well, they’re fucked.

      This also led to such charming notions as primae noctis. After all, when the peasants can’t resist you, what -can’t- you do?

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