Fading fast

Looking at the headlines, it looks like the Navy Yard shooter is fading from the above the fold news with incredible speed, considering the number of bodies he left in his wake. I wonder (rhetorically) if it’s because it doesn’t fit the left’s narrative on guns and race? He’s black, obviously crazy, and used a PC weapon (a pump shotgun, perhaps purchased on “Sheriff” Joe Biden’s recommendation). So, they “see nothing to be learned,” and much egg of their face from the early blather reporting.


8 thoughts on “Fading fast

  1. All the victims were older too. I don’t remember another mass shooting where most of the people were over 50.

  2. I noticed a very swift decline in media coverage when it came out that he was an outspoken Obama fan and voted Democrat. Most certainly did not fit the script.

    • Throw in “black” and those who would tapdance through the blood of the innocent lost any leverage they might have otherwise had.

      I wonder how many of the folks he shot were white? Of course, that’s not “racism”. Oh no.

      • In this case, from what I’ve seen in the media (which must be taken with a grain of salt the size of Pittsburgh) I have no idea. He may have been, mostly, just a miswired nut. That is to say, race was not his primary motivating factor, just a lower-level “complication.” He may have been a hard-core racist and “Black Power” dude that coincidentally “heard voices.” The media coverage has been so lousy there isn’t any good way to know, and because there are lots of strong forces that would like to “pretty it up” for various agendas, there isn’t likely to ever BE a definitive answer that is popularly known.

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  4. Black, non christian, mentally ill, obama supporter, shotgun wielder, fully vetted by system just a few of the reasons he does not fit MSM agenda. He has already been forgotten. Move along nothing to see here.

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