Something I don’t think I wanted to know

Video instructions on coffee enemas.

I don’t like coffee and this certainly doesn’t change that. On the other hand I know Susan and know she credits this therapy (and some other unconventional therapies) to surviving typically fatal cancer (melanoma) . See also here.


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  1. A local practicing physician/UW proffessor/radio talk show host/author (he’s a busy fella) commented recently that evolution has equipped humans with a perfectly adequate waste disposal system and if a properly-functioning colon needed a coffee enema to do its job, then the human race would’ve died out long ago. Coffee goes in the mouth, people!

    I’ve had relatives and loved ones (not always the same people) decide doctors don’t know anything and that “natural” is the way to go. Didn’t work…

    • OTOH, enemas are a really efficient way to get stuff into a patient, especially if you cannot run an IV or the substance is something that is best not injected. The lower intestines are VERY efficient at absorbing materials — that IS their job, after all.

      A strong coffee enema is a proven treatment for hangovers and migraines. . . proven at least 300 years ago, before they had IV needles or safe injectable materials. The caffeine will hit your bloodstream damned near as quickly as if you shot it up.

      Cold water enemas are still used for emergency treatment of severe heat casualties — cools core temps and rehydrates FAST. Since it’s still non-invasive, it can be done in extremely “austere” conditions, and without risk of screwing up a stick on a convulsing patient in the back of a bumpy truck ride. BTST (Been There, Seen That)

  2. What a crackpot. Alt-med fanatics are about evenly matched with anti-gunners in their dedication to advancing practices that have no basis in fact.

    • There are people who, if they could convinve us to stand on our heads all day, and eat sand, out of fear of getting sick, they’d jump at the chance to do it.

  3. You don’t like coffee?!? What do you mean you don’t like coffee?!? Maybe you’d like it it if someone shoved it up your ass!

  4. “I don’t like coffee…”\
    What are you trying to say there? You mean you prefer some coffees over others. I can understand that. If it’s been sitting on the burner for too long, it can start to get pretty bad. Not that you’d throw it out or anything…that’d be wasting it.

  5. SPQR:
    Are you sayin’ a really rich guy went for alt-med rather than throw lots and lots of money into treatment that actually has some efficacy?

    BTW, I’m about to have surgery that may blind me permanently (temporary is no fun, either) and I have not for an instant considered treatment not founded on numbers ‘n science ‘n y’know, stuff that works sometimes. And I’m drinking my coffee right now.

    • Yeah, pretty much. Jobs regretted it himself. He had some sort of magical belief that he could avoid surgery, and when he decided to finally have surgery anyways, it was too late and the cancer had metastasized.

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