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  1. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how many scandals it took to send Clinton to an impeachment trial? Or how many before Nixon was up for his? How many will the current Useless Occupant be allowed before we, as a Nation, start screaming for equal rights and haul his ass before a court? I mean, c’mon….Clinton and Nixon are white, and they didn’t have to wait this long!

  2. Huh. IANAL, but I just looked over the relevant sections of the Arms Export Control Act, and they’re talking about the President waiving the restrictions in sections 40 (Transactions With Countries Supporting Acts of International Terrorism) and 40a (Transactions With Countries Not Fully Cooperating With United States Antiterrorism Efforts). The President does indeed have the authority to waive those prohibitions (he does so much that he really shouldn’t/doesn’t have the authority to do, I had to check).


    (Paraphrasing, and again, IANAL) Sec. 40, subsection (g) says he can waive the prohibitions for a “specific transaction” (so no ongoing support) if:
    1) he determines it’s in the best interest of national security; and
    2) not less than 15 days before the “proposed transaction,” he
    [a] consults with the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and
    [b] submits to the Speaker of the House and the chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations a report containing
    – [i] the name of the country(ies) involved, the name of the recipient, and the anticipated use of the items;
    – [ii] a description of the munitions items (including market value), and the sale price (if it’s a sale) or the manner in which they’ll be provided (if it’s not a sale);
    – [iii] the reasoning and justification why the proposed transaction is necessary for national security;
    – [iv] the expected date the proposed transaction will occur; and
    – [v] (fun part!) the names of every US department, agency, or other entity involved, every foreign government involved, and every private party with significant participation.
    Also, “to the extent possible,” the report MUST be unclassified (and the classified parts still must be available to the Congress-people in an addendum).

    I don’t know about y’all, but I for one would LOVE to know what the various committees tell him, and to get my hands on that report!

  3. I was working this morning when I heard Glenn talk about this. My rather…audible response got some looks.then questions. As far as impeachment, I decided several months ago that Teh Won could call a presser and deflower then eat the heart of a young virgin, and be praised for his understanding of tribal culture. Impeachment ain’t happening, “our” side has too many theta males.

    But the good news is, I saved money on my insurance! (No, not the lizard, they’ve never come close to State Farm)

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