4 thoughts on “What caliber for rampaging boat?

  1. Hmm. No word on the shot load but from that report at least, the injuries don’t appear to have been very serious– just enough to alter behavior.

    I was just thinking of this this morning;
    Someone who sees a nice car parked somewhere and has the impulse to key the side of it, or climb up on top of it and do a little tap dance… I’ve known people to do these things, and the linked incident at the yacht club would appear similar.

    Where does that impulse come from? Certainly all the “Leveler” talk we’ve heard all our lives contributes to it. All the class envy/class warfare, “Eat the Rich” language and all the innuendo along the same lines is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to initiate such reactions. It’s built into our tax system too.

    We therefore could classify this incident as the “Fundamental Transformation of [one] America[n]”. That the Progressives and their ilk can foment envy, a sense of hopeless victimhood, and hatred for so long and still maintain plausible deniability is remarkable.

    • Col. Jeff Cooper recommended a 30 caliber machinegun for boat-on-boat action, but I don’t think he had this sort of incident in mind.

      • 30 mm? Or 0.30 inch? I was thinking a 50 BMG would do nicely. Come to think of it, that should be required equipment for any mariner who goes into waters near the east coast of Africa.

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