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Barb and I frequent have talks about “crazy people”. This morning was one of those times. I don’t remember exactly what she said but something she said gave me a new insight and I told her my new hypothesis.

We get frustrated, grumpy, and angry from dealing with people that aren’t entirely in touch with reality. I’ll bet they feel the same way when their world view doesn’t match reality and they try to deal with us.

Then this afternoon Lyle left the following comment on a blog post:

when you take an irrational position and hold that it is rational, when you look at sane people and consider them insane, when you look at justice and consider it injustice, when you take on the victim mentality and blame the self sufficient, then slowly but surely, reason and sanity themselves become your enemies, and insanity your friend, for reality makes you face your faults and insanity protects you from facing them.

There is more. It’s as if he read my mind and extrapolated.


2 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. “It’s as if he read my mind and extrapolated.”
    Of course I did no such thing, as you well know. When we’re looking at the nuts and bolts and so on that make the human mind do what it does, and being that the truth of it exists of its own quite apart from ourselves, we will occasionally find the same things, coming from different directions and in our own ways.

    Be careful though when it comes to being frustrated, grumpy and angry at what you find. Thats the trap laid out for you. Look at it, discern it, perceive it, talk about it, make it known, but otherwise let it lie. Just watching it and seeing it for what it is will infuriate it and drive it into self destruction. Count on it. You need do NOTHING else.

    Getting angry at it is no more productive than being frustrated and grumpy at the changing of the seasons. It is what it is, and knowing what it is, knowing its nature, its mechanics, and by extension knowing what’s coming, is all you need to be able to deal with it when necessary.

  2. Of course, if you were to point this out to them, they would just use the rubber/glue argument.

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