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  1. I think what galls them the most is that they have such a low opinion of us, yet they come face-to-face with a loss, and losing to such a bunch of “inferiors” is absolutely maddening.
    Ironically, it is their low opinion of us that results in two things:
    A) They are far more likely to believe that any election result that is a loss was “stolen” via voter fraud to voter suppression or some other shenanigans, and it simply reenforces their victim mentality and their view that they really are an underdog facing the forces of huge corporate interests as they attempt their “good deeds.”
    B) They never need look inward and examine themselves and their positions, because they just know there is no possible way that their highly educated and moral selves could ever be wrong with respect to such hateful, ignorant, knuckle-dragging retards. They just need to “message better” or “get the word out to low-information voters” or work on GOTV more. As a group, then never, ever question the actual message. On the rare occasion that one of their fellow leftists DOES, they switch to BURN the Heretic! in a heartbeat.

    • In general, when you take an irrational position and hold that it is rational, when you look at sane people and consider them insane, when you look at justice and consider it injustice, when you take on the victim mentality and blame the self sufficient, then slowly but surely, reason and sanity themselves become your enemies, and insanity your friend, for reality makes you face your faults and insanity protects you from facing them.

      Believing that the protection basic human rights is a problem is one thing, but pointing fingers of blame, making excuses for it, is far worse. It sets you on that path to insanity.

      It won’t end well.

      It’s purely emotion-driven yet it disguises itself as reason (“Look at those idiots over there; they CAN”T be right about anything. Just look at them! Reject them and free yourself!”).

      As has been said and as I will keep saying; emotional reactions are most likely proof that you’re in a hypnotic state of some kind. Check yourself, like you might check yourself for ticks and leeches in the wild. Something may be feeding off of you and it can’t be good.

  2. Rolf has got it surrounded. Their unfounded moral certitude is what prompts them to demand full citizen disarmament and to never explore their rationale or the likely results or unintended consequences.

    They cannot see any utility in firearms. They think hunters are evil for killing Bambi (who was probably going to starve due to overpopulation), that people who use firearms for self-defense are blood-thirsty vigiliantes (but in reality save innocent life), and that those who keep firearms for the deterrence of governmental tyranny are crazy, black helicopter types (see the militarization/SWAT tactics of the police and the attitude of the adminstration towards all civil rights).

    The comment from the writer “owlstead” shows that he needs to address the fact that he is a nut, a retard, and an asshole.[Sorry Joe, the time for being civil is over].

    Never Again!
    Molon Labe!

  3. Nuts, Retards, and Assholes.
    extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.
    moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.
    And might I add that John Brown was considered by many who never met him, to have been a nut. Is this person saying that the Civil War should not have been fought, or that it could have somehow been avoided through smart diplomacy or better negotiations?

    • The problem with the vice/virtue quote is that they have very different definitions of “liberty” and “justice” and so they would probably agree with it, which is rather alarming when you consider it.

      Assuming that the Civil Was was mostly about slavery;
      John Ross made the point that it would have been far less expensive for the North, in monetary terms alone, to simply buy out the entire slave-owning society, and then free all the slaves they just bought. You can try to war-game that one in several ways, but it is interesting.

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