Gun Song – Janie’s Got a Gun by Aerowsmith

Pretty dark song, but it’s one of the reasons for gun ownership – sometimes, you just have to take care of things yourself. If you do, the only question is just how unpleasant it will be in the details.

Aerosmith has been around for a while, rocking out starting in 1970 (wow – 43 years ago!) (wiki for them here) Most of their stuff is hard rock, but they have a few that are not quite so head-banger.


2 thoughts on “Gun Song – Janie’s Got a Gun by Aerowsmith

  1. Agreed, very dark song. But I have to side with Janie on this one. Bastard had it comin’. Anyone who would do something like that to a kid, especially their own, deserves much, much worse. He got off easy.

  2. I always hear the music first, listen to the lyrics later. This is a great song. The video has Lesley Ann Warren, awesome. Now someone needs to identify the revolver used in the video. S&W 586?

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