Cool shooting pictures

Herra Kuulapaa has some really cool high-speed photos of guns being fired. I don’t want to take his art without permission, but they are pretty good. Pistols, revolvers, AKs, differences in powder, muzzle-breaks and not, pretty good selection.


2 thoughts on “Cool shooting pictures

  1. Very good photos, indeed. I’m surprised at the flame coming from the back of the cylinder in the .44 magnum shots. Front of the cylinder (the gap with the barrel), of course, that’s expected. But why out the back? Gap between cartridge and cylinder bore? I’d expect that to be sealed up by the pressure inside the cartridge. Blown out primer?
    In any case, if ever there was an advertisement for wearing safety glasses, this is it. Gloves, too. At least when using revolvers; automatics are a different story, provided the cartridge isn’t undersized. (I’ve had a 9mm spit at me, with one brand of ammo that measured 3-5 mil undersize on the case diameter.)

  2. @PK – I suspect what you’re seeing on the 44 revolver is the result of only chambering one round for the photo. It looks like the flame front is traveling from the high pressure area in the front of the cylinder to the rear of the cylinder through the empty chambers, resulting in expulsion of combusting gases between the back of the cylinder and frame back plate.

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