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We’re being asked (told?) to believe that the voters who wanted Progressives in office “couldn’t get to the polls” (Where are they? I don’t know. What IS a poll anyway? Where am I? Who am I? Who are you? What planet is this? Vote for Who? Why? What’s happening and is there any way of stopping it?) while those who wanted freedom didn’t have any trouble at all finding those pesky, shifty, sneaky, evasive polls, even after the Progressives massively out-spend those who prefer freedom.

Well there you have it. When Progressives win it’s grass-roots democracy in action– a beautiful expression of The American Way and what could ever be better or more wonderful than that. When Progressives lose it’s big money corporate-funded voter suppression by mean people who suck and are probably terrorists.


12 thoughts on “More on voter suppression

  1. Come on, Lyle, you should know by now that the “progressives” just LOVE standards. That’s why they have so many of them. They keep at least two handy for every occasion.

    • It may be possible to staunchly and passionately adhere to one standard one day, and then adhere to the polar opposite standard, with equal fervor, the next day, but at some point you’ll become confused and forget which standard you’re supposed to adhere to with your passion. Eventually all you’re left with is passion, zeal, vehemence, and no standards at all.

      Well it’s consistently inconsistent, which is at least something.

      Actually it’s as transparent and vacuous as empty space– It’s lust for power over people for the sake of power over people. THAT’S the consistent thread.

      The problem is that those filthy bastard libertarian types, with their stupid “principles” and suchlike are gumming up the works.

  2. So…the moronic, barely able to spell cat knuckledraggers found their way to the polls. And the brilliant, enlightened, better than us libs, with an 8-1 spending advantage couldn’t figger it out. Huh.

    • Yes, which PROVES beyond all shadow of doubt that there was obviously voter suppression. You made their case, right here.

    • I saw one report that said voter turnout in her district was heavily Democrat, and she STILL lost by a wide margin. So, whose vote, exactly, was suppressed? she basically said the voters were confused; great strategy, call your constituents stupid and easily confused, I’m sure that’ll get them motivated.

        • And 20% of the recall petition signatures were from registered Democrats.

          Registered Dems outnumber registered Repubs 2:1 in her district (47%-23%), with the rest unaffiliated with either party.

          I keep hearing how she had a huge partisan advantage and the ONLY explanation for her ouster is “voter suppression,” when a much simpler explanation is that her words, her actions, and the infringements on constituents’ rights she supported are bigger than party affiliation.

          And we all know that old yarn about simpler explanations, right?

      • When you’re inflicted with the victim mentality, it’s extremely easy to believe in sinister forces (even very implausible, or outright impossible, ones) working against you in the cover of darkness. It absolves you of facing your personal failures. Who after all (especially among politicians who are motivated by the popularity and adulation they think they’re automatically getting, just by being there) wants to believe that the general public thinks them foolish and even pathetic? Sometimnes a person will take any other alternative, no matter what, even if it makes them even more foolish and pathetic.

        Watch for it. It can (and does) happen to anyone.

  3. Isn’t it obvious? I’m sure both Morse and Giron voted for themselves in their recall elections. The majority of their constituents suppressed the representatives’ votes!

  4. Without voter ID, how do the Democrats know who voted against their saints? Until some actual, hard, documentary evidence (the fabricated hearsay fairy tales of some party hack won’t cut it) shows up, we can’t go with the voter suppression and fraud theories.

    If the Dems thought it was to their advantage, there would not only be voter ID to vote, you’d need two forms of government-issued ID AND a form 4473.

    • And a background check, because we can’t have the wrong people making critical decisions about the future of our democracy now, can we? I mean, that wouldn’t make any sense, would it, allowing people to vote the wrong way and all? What about the children? You don’t HATE children, do you?

      I wonder how long it will be before we actually hear that one articulated. I guarantee you the Progressives (the advocates of gradual, incremental communist revolution) are thinking about it.

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