First shots

After separating from my wife last year I moved everything out of the house without any sorting and disposing of old stuff that really should have been thrown away years ago. There were hundreds of used targets. Over 99% of them should have been thrown. There were a few that I was pleased to find as I was sorting and throwing away stuff today.

This is one of them:


These are the first two shots son James ever fired. It was July 11, 1993. He was shooting the first gun I owned. That was over 20 years ago when James was nine years old.

I remember daughters Kim and Xenia first trip to the range.

Kim’s first target was a milk jug filled with water which she hit. I’m pretty certain that would have been throw away even by a packrat like me.

Xenia, IIRC, missed the target (shooting a 9mm handgun as I didn’t have a .22) and didn’t want to shoot again that day. But what do you expect from a four year old kid?


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  1. Still have the orange juice container (empty, and rinsed out) target and one of the .22 casings from my daughter’s first shoot, at age 4.

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