Entitlement attitude

From the Seattle Police Department:

Around 1 pm Thursday, two teens were sitting on the steps of Franklin High School when a woman climbed out of a blue Audi parked on the street, approached the teens, and asked to use one of the teens’ cell phones.

One of the teens reluctantly handed her iPhone over to the woman, who walked off with the victim’s phone, climbed into the Audi and sped away.

The victim immediately went inside the school and called 911.

Patrol officers spotted the Audi near Rainier Avenue and S. Othello Street, pulled the car over and contacted the two 18-year-old women inside.

One of the women in the car then pulled the victim’s iPhone out of her purse, handed it back to officers., and said [s]he had taken it because her phone had died and she needed a new one.

Officers booked both women into the King County Jail, where they’re undoubtedly enjoying the jail’s excellent cell coverage.

Interesting response. Did the thief actually believe she was entitled to replace her phone in this manner? I think a case can be made that people have been getting “free” stuff from via government theft for so long that some believe they are improving the system by removing the middle-man.


7 thoughts on “Entitlement attitude

  1. “Officers booked both women into the King County Jail, where they’re undoubtedly enjoying the jail’s excellent cell coverage.”

    Good Lord, I nearly died reading that. That’s hilarious.

  2. One can now legitimately say that “Obama told me to do it”.

    “When you spread the wealth around, everyone benefits” he said. Sounds to me like carte blanche permission, or even an order, to steal.

  3. Driving an Audi… Wow. The mind boggles at the twisted little minds in those craniums. Their parents will be SO proud of them.
    Gads. If my kids ever did that, I’d refuse to post bail, let them sit there a while.

  4. Reminds me of an occasion where an outside vendor for some reason needed a POTS line, which we hadn’t provided. I, being someone who “understands wires and stuff” was directed by the operations manager to make it happen toute de suite, which I did. I wanted to make sure that it worked before reporting success, however.
    Remembering that the facilities manager had a POTS line and a Western Electric model 500 telephone in case of armageddon (or 911-worthy emergency during a power failure, whichever comes first), I popped in to borrow his model 500…
    Now I thought that the sentence “I need a “plain old telephone” for testing, may I use yours?” was perfectly comprehensible. However they seemed to think that I meant “May I make a call on this phone?” rather than “May I disconnect this instrument and walk away with it?” Much surprise ensued.
    Anyway, I suspect that the perpetrators above believe that they had covered themselves from theft charges by asking to borrow the phone, while leaving out the trivial detail of the duration of that loan.

  5. One thing the government frowns on, very seriously, is mere citizens trying to cut them out of being the middlemen.

    That is the government’s reason for existence, and the only thing that validates their existence is their monopoly on that reason.

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