Quote of the day—Chris Cox

We’ll never match Bloomberg dollar for dollar, but we don’t have to. The hearts and minds of the American people certainly aren’t for sale to a billionaire mayor from New York City.

Chris Cox
September 1, 2013
Mayor Bloomberg is the best friend of 2nd Amendment advocates
[What is just as interesting to me about the above quote is that it, and about half of the opinion piece by Emily Miller, has been removed. Even Emily’s name was removed! The full opinion piece was there and more of it can be seen here.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chris Cox

  1. “The hearts and minds of the American people certainly aren’t for sale…”

    Sixty years ago, sure; that was true. Now, it is questionable. Certainly there are those who are still guided by the right principles, but there are millions who can be bought. The Democrat rank and file consists largely of the latter. The New Deal, the Great Society, the fraudulent selling of the ACA, and Obama phones are for exactly that purpose and they always work to some extent. If Bloomberg were slightly smarter he’d concentrate on buying votes in similar manners, and shut up about his intentions for now.

    The strategy has been to degrade American society to such a degree that we’ll be so easily fooled, so desperate, so distracted, so suspicious of one another, so frustrated and so demoralized that we’ll either fall for lies of every description or we’ll be easily bought no matter our beliefs, as our beliefs, morals and logical convictions will have been relegated to the background of our consciousness or forgotten altogether. The communists are getting slightly ahead of themselves in their eagerness, but maybe they’re having to test the waters now and then by being more transparent. What they really should do is shut up and continue the degradation of society. We’re still not quite ready for their revolution, and so a program of continued subtlety and restraint, continued attacks on our economy, continued, quiet legislative creep, chipping away at the constitution and the separation of powers, and continued support for Liberty’s enemies abroad is in order. Don’t worry, Mayor; you’re getting close. Be patient.

    • People have a tendency to live up (or down) to your expectations. Cox is as sociologically and politically aware as just about anyone and almost for certain knows many, if not most, people can be bought. But by using the words he did he plants the idea that people shouldn’t be for sale. It gives people a “peg to hang their hat on” when opposing Bloomberg. And, of course, it demonizes Bloomberg.

      • I sort of got off on a tangent there, about people being vulnerable to the buy-off. It’s true, but Cox’s first bit; “We’ll never match Bloomberg dollar for dollar, but we don’t have to.” is also true. And therein lies the hope. Plain truth, reason and liberty can win the day every time if presented simply and clearly.

        Those things are why we’re here. They’re what separate humans from the other creatures. They resonate if presented in the right frame of mind and no small-minded twit, though he be a billionaire, can overcome that.

  2. Just remember, America has had revivals in the past and has come through dark days, so it is never too late to alter course and change for the better. Still, the low information (i.e. stupid Democrats) vote for the shallowest things. That is a pain.

    Also, I view anything touched by Bloomberg as tainted. If he found the cure for cancer and gave it away for free I would still distrust his motives for doing so. He has proven that he is a little man, both in actual stature and more importantly, character. I hope enough people recognize this too.

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