More on Markley’s law

PETA is now promoting the idea that eating chicken will result in a small penis and other problems.

Well sure– If the idea that animals are essentially equal to humans doesn’t stop us from eating animals, then we might as well take the penis angle, because apparently people care more about penises (and sex) than practically anything else. It’s bound to get a few more, uh, members.

This is part of a long term trend. Leftists used to attack people they don’t like by calling us “fags” or “queers” but since they now have to pretend that they’re promoting the rights of homosexuals, they have to turn to other methods of distraction. Hence Markley’s law, and the recent PETA story is part of the same trend of using sex as a cultural/political lever.

A common phrase used back in the 1960s and early ’70s (the Vietnam war period) was “Girls say yes to guys who say no”. It’s an appeal to young, horny men, telling them straight up that they’ll get laid more if they at least pretend to help support the Progressives and the communists.

It’s a common theme among communists, to get the vulnerable young people on board, and sex is a powerful lure. Charles Manson used young women as bait to sucker young males into the group, and Sun Myung Moon, Jim Jones, the Heavens Gate Cult and others in a long line of socialist predators (but I repeat myself) followed very similar tactics. Islamists, we are told, will be treated to a harem of dozens of virgins if they die in the great and glorious jihad (and Allah will be super happy about your killing people too, but seriously; virgins!). They could just as well promote a new scientific study which finds that reading American freedom blogs will result in sexual dysfunction, and so the 72 virgins in heaven might go unsatisfied, and we wouldn’t want THAT to happen would we? If they haven’t done it already, they will.

Nothing changes. PETA has just put a slightly different twist on it, but their new spin has a lot of precedent. It is a good one though, as the left has also been trying to make us fear our food, our water, our air, and our neighbors, and this gimmick hits on at least two fronts.

And so I say to PETA; Good one, guys! Right on! You’re in good company. Keep up the good work. You’re completely insane, sure, but you’re giving it the old college try, you’re learning from your predecessors, and that deserves some respect.

Parenthetically; if animals raised for slaughter are as good and have rights the same as people, then people are no better and have no more rights than animals raised for slaughter, which is the whole point of organizations like PETA even if most of their members are clueless kids just trying to get laid. Remember it.


10 thoughts on “More on Markley’s law

  1. Very perceptive!
    So, if a pig is a dog is a boy,
    then a boy is a dog is a pig.
    Soylent Green Bacon, anyone?

  2. So, I’m just going to go stereotype crazy here.
    There is one stereotype that says black people like chicken.
    There is another stereotype about black men.
    I think that’s as far as I’m going.

  3. I’m going to give my mother a break on this one. Chicken, properly prepared, is a damn tasty dish. And no matter the size of my talleywacker, I still get off. Remember the old joke: “Who are you going to please with that little thing!?” “ME!”

  4. That last point is very insightful, never thought about it that way. Mention it to young skulls full of mush, you *might* get somewhere. Try it with the hardcore types, you’ll get “well duh!” in response.

    • True on both counts, I think.

      It’s like the left’s tactics regarding what they see as different groups of people too. They see someone doing far better than someone else; they’ll want to bring down the more successful person to the level of the poor one. If for no other reason it is to “show him what it’s like” at the bottom. It’s utterly pathological.

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  6. Manson also used his schlong to lure the chicks that acted as lures for the dood’s

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