Before and after

As I reported last February the shipping container at Boomershoot Mecca had a rust problem and was developing leaks. The sides were rusting too. And the color just didn’t match the surroundings very well. It needed to be repaired and painted.

Here you can see some of the evidence of decay:

IMG_2942IMG_2943 IMG_2945IMG_2949 IMG_2953

And how it doesn’t really fit in with the surroundings:

After several failed attempts on my part to get someone to fix the roof and paint the sides Barb L. (if you want something done drop her a hint and stand back) found someone. I sent them a partial payment a couple weeks ago and this morning I received a text message to my cell phone with this picture:


I haven’t inspected it yet but I’m pleased with what I see so far.

Update: Here are some more pictures that came in on the morning of September 3:

V__6600 V__F20E


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  1. Now it will really be hard to see from the firing line, and some idiot will tell us he couldn’t see it and didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to shoot that direction!

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