Quote of the day—Billll

Luring her out to the range to shoot your EBR is all well and good, but when it transpires that you have no ammo due to the national shortage, it begins to look like the old dodge of “running out of gas” at inspiration point.

August 27, 2013
Comment to Quote of the day—Amber Callipo
[I’ve “lured” women to the range with EBRs on many occasions. But in no case was there a sexual element present on my part that wasn’t established prior to the invitation to the range. I just don’t feel the connection between guns and sex like some people do and tend to be oblivious. That is until the woman makes her intentions clear that, at least for her, there is a connection.

Your mileage may vary.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Billll

  1. Am I crazy that I thinkg “EBR” is an ambiguous term?

    EBR, either “Evil Black Rifle” or “Enhanced Battle Rifle” (such as the Sage M14 EBR we issue to SDM’s here in the sandbox).

    Still, I don’t know if someone is talking about an AR-15, FAL with black furniture, or plastic stocked Saiga, or Sage stocked M1A….

  2. Taking Billl’s point in it’s intended vein, where the Hell does one find nooky spots at the average rifle range? Range house? Nah, full of grumpy old men. Target butts? Nah, you might have some solitude, but when you fail to answer the intercom, you’re gonna have grumpy company.

    Anyway, if Markley’s law works like all those Monday examples of it seem to say, you’ll never get it up anyway at the range near all those guns. Too much anti-priapic around.

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