Gun Song – Big Gun by AC/DC

From the movie soundtrack of Last Action Hero. It was an interesting movie. It absolutely tanked at the box office, got really lousy reviews, and generally totally trashed. It had all the “right” ingredients for a hit: Arnold Schwarzenegger, pithy lines, explosions and action, hot chicks, crazy villain. But it flopped. I agreed with that assessment. It was just so over the top, it was really wrong.

Then, a couple of years ago, I read a review of it that said it wasn’t a “serious” action movie; it was Arnold making satire, and we all just missed it. Arnold was spoofing the whole genre that had trapped him. Suddenly it made a LOT more sense. In that context, it’s pretty not bad. Lots of metaphors and such, when that’s what you are expecting.

AC/DC, of course, needs no introduction, so I’ll just post the link.


6 thoughts on “Gun Song – Big Gun by AC/DC

  1. I don’t know how anyone could have missed that movie as satire. He made fun of just about every aspect of the genre. Another underrated movie similar to last action hero is rustlers rhapsody, with Tom Berenger. That movie made fun of the serialized westerns in the same manner. It also tanked in the box office, but I personally love that movie.

    • I think it was an expectations thing. Arnold makes action movies, period. He doesn’t do subtle, or deep, or satire stuff. That just not him. Clint Eastwood? All sorts of things. But Arny? That equaled action.

    • Seriously. Anybody else remember the look of surprise when he had to *gasp* reload a gun during the gunfight?!?

      That never happens in real (movie) life!!

    • I first saw it as a kid, and my first reaction was thinking it’s so over-the-top it CANNOT be a serious movie. They must be making fun of something.

      I’m surprised it took the “professionals” (at movie critiquing) so long to realise that.

      Cases in point: Life-threatening gunshot wound, and the SECOND he’s back “in the movie,” the doctor says “I wouldn’t even call this a flesh wound!” and Arny’s back on his feet. Few minutes later, punches through a glass wall (easily) and says, “It’s working again.” How is that NOT satire?

  2. Years ago, I met one of the members of AC/DC in a hole-in-the-wall bar in Florida. I’d never heard of them. I thought they were a local band.

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