Dynamic building clearing class

This sounds like fun:

Dynamic Building Clearing

An incredible and intense tactical training. Make hundreds upon hundreds of room entries, work in low light, plan missions, conduct rehearsals, execute the MISSION!

This course will teach the most modern and up-to-date version of dynamic clearing as is being used by the worlds best Entry Teams. This is a perfect course for both new and experienced SWAT officers, tactical trainers, military personnel, security contractors, or anyone who has a desire to understand the tactics being used on a daily basis in the GWOT.

Buckley, WA
September 06 – 08, 2013

But I have too many other things to do this month. And besides, if I really needed to clear a building I think I would use explosives.


18 thoughts on “Dynamic building clearing class

  1. A-10 Warthog with Hellfire and 30 mikemike does a decent job, too. All that personal entry, slicing the pie, all that = very tiring.

    Send in the air assets.

  2. Won’t explosives hurt the building? What if you want to clear the building without destroying the building?

    • ubu,
      the entire focus of the police and Fed forces now-a-days is officer safety, and the hell with any concern for the well-being of those not wearing a badge. Remember Waco? THAT is the blueprint for them. Rivrdog and Phelps are not really exaggerating, they tend to use as much force as they can get their hands on, which is one of the many reasons to restrict their access to .mil equipment. Have you noticed that the Fed Gov, for some time now, has the battlefield military acting like police should, and the police acting like the military? This is very much screwed up.

    • Of course. But I was attempting imply an alternate definition of the word “clear”.

      Also, there are various amounts of explosives that could be used. Hand grenades might be appropriate for a room without taking down the entire building. Hellfire missiles, mortars, and thermobaric tools could clear a entire building.

      I have difficultly envisioning a situation where I would be in a situation of clearing a building of hostile people while wanting to retain the structure.

      • Like the many definitions of “secure?” 😉

        When ordered to “secure a building” the different services respond differently.

        The Navy will turn out the lights and lock the doors.

        The Army will surround the building with defensive fortifications, tanks, and concertina wire.

        The Marine Corps will assault the building with multiple maneuver elements and overlapping fields of fire from all appropriate points on the perimeter.

        The Air Force will take out a three-year lease with an option to buy.

        • The Air Force will take out a three-year lease with an option to buy.

          …but only if they get the hi-def flatscreens (60″ or better), Bose surround, XM radio, FIOS, and at least three fridges.

      • Imagine a bad guy holed up in the Louvre or the Griffith Park Observatory or the Space Needle…. Those are structures where maximum power isn’t an option because public outcry would be deafening (“Why did they have to go do that?”)

        But you are right. You’ll never have to clear a building anyway so what’s the point in learning how to do it without destroying the building?

        • Really Ubu? Never have to clear a building? I’ve had to clear parts of my home twice when there were intrusions. I couldn’t wait for the police to arrive, because there were children inside sleeping. Fortunately, I didn’t have to use force and I had no encounters, as the bad guys had left. My children were undisturbed, though the thieves made off with some valuable equipment. I wished at the time that I had more training and experience, but I was not going to wait for the police to show up when I had young ones potentially threatened. I at least wanted my body between the bad guys and my loved ones. Once I got to that point, I stopped and waited for the police.

          BUT….Joe was making a joke of the meaning of “clearing” a building with the explosives comment!

        • Allow me to chime is as another private citizen who has had to clear a private residence before on account of an alarm indicating intruders.

          Thankfully, I acquired my training on how to do so on the Navy’s dime, so I did not really have to worry about cost – I do have to compensate for not having metal bulkheads and decks between me and the next room over, however.

  3. The doctrine for the world’s best clearing teams is to breach the front door with a main tank round, preferably one of the new thermobaric (NE) rounds. Will they be training that?

    • I don’t think so. I think the cost per student would be much higher for the number of repetitions they claim you will get in class.

  4. IDF and Seabees have used bulldozers. They clear the whole lot.
    Then employee locals to build a new structure. Combat urban renewal.

  5. Just what we need – more pumped up JBTs, just itching to kick doors, stomp kittens, and herd folks out the door in their pajamas. Maybe Greg &co should teach a class in “dynamic address checking.”

    • You know… there is another way to look at the class. You could take the class to learn how to defend against them.

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