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Natural is better than artificial. Right? Man-made is bad. Right? So what could be more artificial than the way we use electricity?

The next time someone tells me how much better something is because it’s “natural” I’m going to tell them I’m sure they would be much happier and healthier if they replaced all the electric lights in their home with all natural whale oil lamps. It’s a renewal energy resource. Right?


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  1. I suppose you could use natural electricity, but lightning is rather hard on your appliances.
    I’m reminded of a silly product notion I came up with a while ago: for those people who believe magnets are good for your health, sell them “natural” magnets (I’m tempted to say “organic” — none of the customers would see much wrong with that). In other words, lodestones. I figure those should command a very substantial price premium, right? 🙂

  2. Don’t forget replacing the icky plastic in your shoes with baby seal leather. 🙂

    • Yeah, well if the glogal population were reduced to the level the hippies say the Earth can “sustain”, the survivors COULD all use baby seal leather shoes. Actually, in a free market, we might have gigantic seal farms. I’ve eaten BBQd seal and it was quite good. The Eskimos use seal oil like the Euros use olive oil.

      • Best way to protect an endangered species? Make it a commercially viable product.

        Proven time and time again — ranchers will “shoot, shovel, and shut up” about poachers.

  3. If you take the “Natural” craze to its end, humans would die off, which might actually be the goal. We need man-made tools to get our food, being as we’re relatively slow and weak, and we don’t have claws or fangs, so we couldn’t even be hunter/gatherer tribes people. We’d just be gatherers, limited to a few small corners of the globe.

    Interestingly, some of the default leftists I know, who love “all natural” anything, are reluctant to try wild venison, and would prefer FDA approved beef that was standing in its own excrement in a feed lot the last few weeks of its life. When I felt queasy for a day last week, my wife’s first reaction was, “Did you eat any wild game?” I hadn’t, but there is bird, deer, insect, mouse, squirrel, cat and dog excrement in our “organic” garden all the time. We get special delivery of bird excrement (from birds from around the globe) by air.

    Arsenic is all natural too, as is lead, and strychnine, and lots of other deadly toxins too numerous to list.

    The Black Plague was natural, and come to think of it, I think the Black Plague killed far fewer people than the leftists, as a whole, have killed.

    DDT is artificial and malaria is natural, but again, try to convince a Progressive that we should have saved the lives of millions of Africans from malaria by using DDT for the last 60 years.

    I had an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER who told us little kids that, if you feed those poor, starving people in Africa, you’d only get more mouths to feed as they reproduced, and then your problem would only get worse. He made it sound perfectly reasonable to seven year olds. This is the “Population Time Bomb” mindset, and the “Sustainability” mindset is of the same bent, and in light of that, the “Natural” craze that started in the ‘60s makes perfect sense and connects a lot of dots. YOU, as a nature-killing human/parasite, destroyer of all that is pure and clean, are the problem and you should really just kill yourself.

    In the meantime, “Natural” is a good anti-corporate clarion call for the Useful Idiots. That which is made by corporations is “Un-natural” and therefore it is bad (an affront to nature) and therefore capitalism is bad.

    We can sum it all up thusly;
    Live like an animal (stop using reason, intelligence and morality) or don’t live at all.

    “I want to sail away to a distant shore
    And live like an ape man…”

    Yeah; I grew up with those people, I was one of them, and so I know them like the back of my hand, or like every square inch of my glorious, naked, dancing among the wildflowers body.

    • Wow. Apparently the adage about ex-Communists being the most ardent anti-Communists applies to naturalists, too.

  4. First and foremost, I am stealing that line about “all natural electricity being hard on appliances”.

    Two, rat shit is 100% natural and organic.

    • I’m reminded of a line from the Stallone version of “Judge Dredd”.

      “Eat recycled food! It’s good for the environment, and ‘OK’ for you!”

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