Quote of the day—Ayo Kimathi

Waging war against whites is at the core of the Afrikan warrior’s spirit.  It’s the flame that drives our willingness to fight in the face of certain defeat and/or death.


Afrikan Nationalists must become diligent about making acceptable Black behavior match our Black complexions.  We must become militant, hostile, violent, and deadly to those individuals and groups in our community who don’t comply to Black decency and Race First standards.  We cannot continue to be Black people with white behavior.  – Black Afrikans Only!

Ayo Kimathi
June 8, 2010
Black Ethnic Cleansing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
[H/T to Lyle in the comments here.

Those who see a revolution on the horizon about freedom/liberty/guns/etc. must also be aware that in almost any revolution there are competing factions. These factions will take advantage of the chaos and fight for domination over the others. In the quote above you can perhaps see more clearly the dichotomy. On one hand he is advocating blacks go to war against whites but he also advocates ethnic cleansing of blacks by blacks. Similar things happen in most civil wars.

In our country in addition to a battle against an oppressive government there would be battles against the communists/socialists/progressives who believe the government should have more power. And the people like the guy quoted above would take advantage of the chaos and fight their own battles. There would not be just two sides, there would be dozens. Civil wars are very messy and there are seldom clear winners.

I believe there are better ways to attempt regaining our freedom.—Joe]


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  1. What I find both sad and funny is the level of logical disconnect with guys like this.He lauds blacks and Africans and their culture, says they need to bring down the whites, and yet… he fails to see that nearly every tool in “his” arsenal was created and supported by western/white culture. What’s manufactured in Africa, today or ever? Not much. In this country, it doesn’t make much difference your skin color, but acting “white” and working hard succeeds a whole lot better than acting “black.” If he actually gets his race war in this country, it’s going to be very short if he gets to be much beyond its own internal “cleansing.”
    Compare: 9mm held sideways, no training; vs. AR-15 or scoped deer rifle, a fair bit of training. Hmm…

  2. Black decency and Race First means that black gays, and mixed-race couples and their kids will be against the wall, ditto black professionals.

    The operative comparison is the Khmer Rouge.

  3. There is always a time in revolutions where they eat their own. It took about 10 years for the Russian revolution to get to that stage, but that’s what the famous Moscow show trials were all about. Similarly in the Mexican revolution, I forget which leader besides Pancho Villa was assassinated. The French Revolution as well; Robspierre, “merde’ in a silk stocking” eventually stepped up to Madam Guillotine himself, to whom he sent so many Frenchmen.

    I’ve always thought that the idea of a violent reset to society was dangerous, misguided, and the product of fantasy. As James Doolittle said, “I could never be this lucky again”, and America could not be so lucky again. A reset is calling the artillery down on your own CP because the gooks are inside the wire and a billion-to-one shot is better than certain death. It isn’t something you do when there is any other option.

  4. I’ve been posting about your basic premise here for a long time in various places, and I still think that a lot of people in the gun rights world don’t get it. The people talking about revolution, voting from the rooftops, etc need to understand what happens when you create a chaotic political environment with nobody really in charge – a multitude of people and organizations will start killing people for a variety of political and personal reasons. It’s hard to see how the endgame could be anything but either total chaos or some particular group dominating the political scene with a level of violence and oppression normally seen in Communist countries. I don’t recommend pulling the trigger on that one unless what we already have is worse than either of those.

    • Bumper sticker summary: YOU will NOT survive the zombie apocalypse.

      Work to preserve civilization, not to survive its collapse.


  5. At least he got the certain defeat part correct. Have no doubt it will be a bloodbath, but in the scope of the 20th century genocides 30 million is a pittance. That does not exactly work in his favor, always be careful what you wish for you are liable to get it.

  6. It’s all about Cannon Fodder. In a Civil War with the present Government, the Government would likely recruit tens of thousands of dependent Gimme-Gimmes. The military would begrudgingly train them into some sort of rag-tag army, more resembling something out of Rwanda than the US, and they would fight the Constitutionalists as surrogates of the Government. The military would NOT be able to count on it’s own people taking the streets against it’s own citizens. We already see the begginings of this in the various “community action” battalions Obama’s people have raised to do political work.

    BTW, if this looks vaguely familiar, it ought to: it’s exactly how Hitler came to power, stage by stage. Today’s stage resembles the work of the German National Socialist Party’s Sturm Abteilung, or SA, the “brownshirts”, who themselves were purged in 1934 when the Schutzstaffel, or SS was formed and then integrated into the resurgent Hitler military. In the early years, though, the SA did major community work during the Great Depression. They ran soup kitchens, and fed one basic survival meal a day to anyone who wanted it. They kept the cities clean, and they trained themselves up by fighting Bolsheviks in the streets. Inter-war Germany was happy to have them.

    This situation has been repeated in the Middle East by almost every paramilitary Islamist group out there: Hamas, Hizbullah and the Moslem Brotherhood come to mind.

    Obama DOES know how to read, and it appears he read “Mein Kampf”.

    He does NOT appear to have read any Churchill, or he would have known that if you copy history, you are bound to copy the results also.

  7. If the reset option is tried, I suspect the earlier it goes, the closer the results will resemble Battle of Athens. Wait too long, and it probably slides to the end of the scale at the Thunderdome setting. I say this because the longer the wait, the stronger the .gov position gets due to more control of people thru technology, and we get weaker due to aging population of freedom lovers and continuing loss/degradation of freedoms in general. This may be offset by bringing in new blood due to the increasingly dictatorial .gov.
    The rapid advance of tech that can be used for surveillance and tracking is a game changer in any attempt to oppose a govt that is out of control. This is getting into the realm of science fiction, and a lot of thought has gone into writing scenarios of battling oppressive governments with this sort of tech in hand. It can make things very difficult, which is why TPTB are so keen on it.
    As far as race wars and other similar problems, a really strong, cohesive group can be a player that splinter groups might not want to mess with, and so there may be less chance of multiple brushfires springing up. But a weak opposition to the .gov, even if effective, would encourage every little gang/group to attempt to get their piece of the action. This may be due to them seeing their gravy train disappearing, or watching a long, drawn out fight. Especially if they conclude they are in deep shit if the .gov loses. Which would be what a lot of people would have in mind, frankly. And with good reason.

    The simplest way to fix the current problem here, or any other western country, is to change the upbringing of the population back to the way it was prior to the meddling of the Progressives in our schools. Unfortunately, it’s far from the easiest, or quickest, method. In the long run though, it still has to be accomplished, or no matter what is done, eventually all gains would be wiped out by the results of the mental programming by the schools. The source of the infection has to be removed at some point.

  8. Joe; you didn’t mention that this Kimathi guy gets a paycheck from the U.S. government.

    America is being, has been, set up for failure, and don’t forget all the foreign enemies who’d love to see chaos here, who’d be willing to set aside their differences for a crack at the U.S.

    • Interesting thing about him getting a government paycheck — he started sometime in 2009.

      Wonder which political appointee brought him into DHS…

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