The roots of modern tribal culture

Ancient tribal cultures were held together by the common cause of survival. The desire for control of the tribe had to be backed up by strength, sharp senses and good judgment, or the tribe would either fail or select a new leader by any means necessary, and quickly.

In our industrial society, with property rights, specialization and mass production of everything imaginable, what is the jealous megalomaniac to do so as to get people to submit? Strength, sharp senses and good judgment are better utilized in the markets or to improve one’s own property, and so those attributes don’t go looking for political power. The megalomaniac doesn’t have the fear of starvation or wild predators, he doesn’t have that common, obvious, consolidated will to follow along just to eat or to keep the rival tribe at bay, so he has to invent fears and uncertainties, and inculcate them into the society. He needs you believing that you need him. He needs to be needed, therefore he cannot abide the strong and the capable. He cannot abide a well-functioning, prosperous society. He needs you on your knees.

So the next time you find yourself wondering how someone could say something so toweringly “stupid”, do such “stupid” and obviously counterproductive things or be so “irrational” and contradictory as the average politician, wonder no more. There is a clear, deadly method to all the madness. Be sure– the wannabe rulers and plunderers (same thing) need you to be uncertain, fearful, upset, angry, off-balance, distracted, pointing fingers at “the other guys”, confused, and on the whole, weak. Otherwise you’d never give the son of a bitch the time of day. As it is, you hang on his every word, most especially when he’s being a total jackass. See how that works?

Don’t fall for it, Grasshopper. When Megalomaniac (any politician or policy wonk) gets you into a heated argument over policy details, stupid plans, silly assertions, statistics, global economic theories and so on, he’s got you right where he wants you. Whether you go along or rebel, you have been played.

“Oh; you don’t like this particular megalomaniac? No problem– There are hundreds from which to choose. Why, come right over here, My Friend– I just got this one in on trade, just this morning as a matter of fact, and she’s a real gem…”