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Why isn’t the forcing of Obama Care upon the people a First Amendment issue? Isn’t freedom of association a protected right anymore? If some group of people, say an insurance company, wants to contract with an individual, a group of individuals, or another company then why are those individuals and groups not free to associate with each other as they please?


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  1. That makes sense, but unfortunately only about 2 people in Congress give a hoot about the Constitution, and only about 1 person (if that) on the Supreme Court. Oh yes, and not a single person in the White House .
    The Constitution was assaulted 100 years ago, and finally murdered in the 1930s. It’s no surprise BO thinks of himself as a clone of FDR — he’s doing his best to duplicate all the evils perpetrated by that president, from stomping all over the Constitution to destroying the economy.

  2. Because the Obama Regime is more concerned about implementing the 10 Point Plan in the Communist Manifesto than they are about the 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights.

  3. Isn’t freedom of association a protected right anymore?

    Um, no? Not since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed, at least.

  4. Communists have no use for silly abstractions such as freedom of association, freedom of speech, or freedom period (except freedom from want, which is of course only used as a fraudulent selling point). All freedom does is get in the way of that which needs to be done.

    You’ve made the point yourself; would a rancher allow his sheep or cattle all this nonsensical freedom? Does a horse breeder allow his horses to intermingle as they please?

    The friends of the communists, the Islamofascists (allies on the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” principle) say very much the same thing, but with a different basis– Man’s concept of freedom and Man’s law are an affront to Allah, and to the laws gifted to us by the Koran.

    So you’re just talkin’ trash, Dude. You’ve obviously been bought off, or fooled, by the white, patriarchal, colonialist, wage slave Corporatists and so anything you say can and should be dismissed out of hand. (Puts fingers in ears) “La la la la la…”

    (Crowd chants loudly, so as to drown out any argument while giving the false impression of an energetic, capable, unstoppable majority)
    “Out with the old system
    In with The New
    Down with the White Man
    Down with the Jew
    Up with the Young People
    Time to renew
    Out with the Old System
    That means YOU!”
    (while pointing fingers and shaking fists)

    I used to be one of them, essentially, and so I can accurately describe how they operate.

  5. End this nonsense. Boehner simply needs to file suit against Obama for abuse of his authority. Congress passed Obamacare, and it must be enforced as passed or repealed. No middle ground. I’m waiting for this lawsuit.

    • Good luck with that. He’s part of the problem, too. Remember that nearly all Congresscritters despise the Constitution almost as much as BO does. A number of them even say so out loud. I don’t think Boehner has done so, but that doesn’t mean he supports the Constitution.

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