18 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Joe Faina

  1. “Asking for several friends.”
    Or so he says. Wonder what his ex says. . .

  2. Uh-hu. You know what people think when you ask an embarrassing question, then follow it by saying “it’s for a friend.” Yeeaaaahhhh, suuuuure it is.

  3. Heh. That quote is pretty funny. Note that he isn’t asking what kind of gun you need to COMPENSATE for a small penis which is the typical QOD.

  4. Joe, send me measurements of your tiny equipment and I’ll email you some suggestions. I’m thinking a derringer, but we may have to go smaller for you.

  5. “…to conceal a small penis?”
    A small penis, by definition, is easy to conceal. But no one will see your penis, regardless of its size, unless you choose to show it off.

    I suppose that if I were forced to choose between a fig leaf and a Glock, I’d take the Glock simply because it is far more useful than a fig leaf. Oy….

    • He would probably argue that a small penis is conspicuous by the absence of a bulge in the expected place.

      • Heh; assuming that some significant number of people are in the habit of “bulge watching” and that those people are the very people who’s opinions concern you. I suppose you’d have to add another variable, which is to assume that the under-endowed man in question tends to wear pants that are tight enough to show a buldge of any reasonable size. So we’re down to the Spandex-wearing, young, ’80s style rock-star wannabe, or something. He would use a cucumber, or so goes the myth.

        OK, so we’ve beaten that one to death, so to speak.

        • Maybe he and his friends live at a nudist colony where a lot of people open carry? Or perhaps he plays pro-sports and, well, you know how the guys are in the locker-rooms. Hmmm. Do you think Joe Faina might be Plaxico Burress’s pen name?

  6. I just want the names of the dirty rotten bastards who passed that law saying a man can NOT have both a large penis AND a large gun. By the way; where do you find that law? I googled it and can’t find it.

    Actually I’m surprised they don’t call us “fags” more often. That used to be pretty common, but there must have been a memo circulated, reminding communists that they’re supposed to pretend to favor homosexuals, and so they should cut the “fag” stuff until later.

  7. All y’all missed the boat. The answer to that tweet is to retweet it with the answer, “in the same equipment manual which specifies the correct hat for hiding your tiny brain.”

  8. One of the better retorts I’ve read to a lefty that was ranting about compensating and guns and kids all in the same rant was something to the effect of “got four kids, so I guess it’s long enough. You?”
    Hmmm.. now that I think about it, I’m sure there is a graphic artist out there that could draw up a picture of a “penis compensator” to deal with, er, muzzle-blast, and ahem, adjusts for the, uh, muzzle-rise during firing. Or something…. (ouch… never mind)

  9. To conceal a small penis, the writer could use a Browning Baby… Personally I’m looking for one of those 3 foot long bright orange nerf guns.

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