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When some one say’s your a ball of fire, well you really are!

As all cells have a nucleus, we are unable to get to the center of our planet but we can study a water cell. To do this first understand that the nucleus of any cell is made up of orbiting nuclei so small as to not interact with matter as we know it.

You will find at the nucleus what will be to you as air pockets or bubbles and if studing the universe instead of this ice cube you would call these black holes.

Now your really going to want to call these black holes oxygen and hydrogen but when you know the secret way of causing a reaction that has these many particals running into each other then you to can discover the fire in your ice cube.

November 21, 2012
Comment to To Make Steam Without Boiling Water, Just Add Sunlight And Nanoparticles
[I stopped reading about half way through, waited a few minutes for my brain to recover, then finished reading it.

The “thought” process reminds me of some anti-gun people.—Joe]


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  1. I noticed he can’t keep “your,” and, “you’re,” straight, so he must be a college professor.

  2. And the nucleus of a cell is nothing more than the data repository in the form of DNA mixed with some proteins for regulation.

    All the “fire” type chemistry (redox chemistry) happens in the mitochondria, which is generally closer to the cell wall, where most of the rest of the interesting chemistry happens.

    Reminds me of a professor who said, “You need to use your ears and mouth in the same ratio as water, 1 H, 2 O’s.”

  3. These are the same type of alchemists that dream up things like anthropomorphic global warming (or global cooling, a couple decades ago). Their pseudoscientific blather actually makes sense…. to them.

  4. I don’t understand what he is saying, is it an analogy of some kind? I do not follow his thought process, or his grammar. . .

    • There is no thought process. It looks like he heard a story once that talked about ice or any water being the combustion product of burning hydrogen and oxygen. He didn’t remember the actual story so he made up a bunch of non sequiturs in an attempt to fill in the blank space in his memory.

  5. I knew a guy like that. I worked on his guitar. He took drugs. We had to throw him out of our store once when he started talking like that (very loudly) and wouldn’t stop. We called him “Satan’s Minion” because he played in a band with Satan (well that’s what we called him at the time, anyway) who was the bass player. I expect everyone from that band is now either in jail, in a psychiatric ward, on parole, or dead.

    I also worked on Satan’s bass, which was, along with all their other equipment, always being abused (something you’d expect of course). He was the leader of the band, as you, again, might expect. Of course he would loudly accuse us of “Doin’ me wrong, Man. You’re doin’ me wrong!”

    You meet lots of interesting people in the music business. You start talking about voltage, impedance, current and the fact that a voice coil or an output transistor can only take so much heat, and you sound like the guy in the quote to them. You’re talkin’ trash.

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