Ammonium nitrate targeted

Ry told me about this then I got an email from the Firearm Blog Editor about it as well:

(b) Within 90 days of the date of this order, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of Agriculture shall develop a list of potential regulatory and legislative proposals to improve the safe and secure storage, handling, and sale of ammonium nitrate and identify ways in which ammonium nitrate safety and security can be enhanced under existing authorities.

AN is the main ingredient in both Boomerite and Tannerite. It seems unlikely that any regulation that does not make mining and construction use of AN, where most explosive grade AN is used, impractical will cause problems for Boomershoot. But it might for Tannerite. For example, if in order to purchase, possess, or store AN you were required to have a permit then it would make the use of Tannerite a big hassle for the individual.

But, as I can almost hear the regulators say, “And your point is?”

I fear that someday the point will have to be made with a 168 grain Sierra Match King.


5 thoughts on “Ammonium nitrate targeted

    • True. But the Match King is a little more accurate and the point is driven home better with a hit than a miss.

      It depends upon the range. 200 yards? Sure, use the Game King. 600 yards? I’d recommend the Match King.

  1. My opinion on the Tannerite issue is try to hold them off, but if they win, don’t fight (or at least, not too hard). It would be a waste of time, money, and political capital to fight for what most people view as “rednecks blowing s*** up.” There are bigger fish to fry, and this is one thing that would be very hard to defend as a right, and could be used as a very damaging sideshow issue.

    • There is almost no single issue worth putting a lot of resources into fighting. But added up they are huge.

      This probably isn’t about Tannerite. This is about adding a bunch of useless paperwork and bureaucratic nonsense to the entire explosives industry and agriculture.

    • Every battle is worth winning.

      And more importantly, always fighting to win keeps you in the habit. The Republicans have gotten into the habit of “that fight’s not worth winning because…” with excuses that sound just like yours. Their first response is to come up with a reason NOT to fight.

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