Ammo arrival

The UPS guy showed up the other day. I didn’t remember ordering anything recently, so I briefly wondered what the spousal unit bought. Then I saw the box, and I had to chuckle. It was a MidwayUSA box. With some ammo. That I had ordered last year. Now that’s a backorder.


3 thoughts on “Ammo arrival

  1. The last time I got an updated shipping date on some ammo I ordered last December it looks like they might be having Santa Claus deliver it this year…

    • Yeah, I think I ordered mine in October, if I remember correctly, so I was near the front of the queue.
      Santa Claus, huh?

      2013, or ’14? 🙂

  2. Ordered a .50 beo upper from Alexander Arms in January. Have not heard anything about it since the order confirmation, and one letter acknowledging their huge backorder. Not a criticism of the company, they told me right on the order page that they had no idea how to even estimate when they would be able to ship, and they will not charge me till they do ship. But I must admit, seeing the cash in my bank account for it, hard not to spend it on something else. . .

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