Quote of the day—Hognose

Nobody good, decent, moral or competent has ever been employed by TSA in any capacity whatsoever. The TSA is the primary citizen-facing face of the DHS, and it’s the face of a retard who wants to be a Nazi.

Homeland Security ‘needs’ a $5 Billion Palace Complex
August 12, 2013
[The first sentence is probably a bit of an overstatement but the second sentence is a home run.

And don’t forget that TSA is just A Security Theater.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Hognose

  1. A; “…a retard who wants to be a Nazi.” Who but a retard has ever wanted to be a Nazi? I guess it comes down to how broadly you define a retard. There are certainly very intelligent criminals, but they have retarded morals.

    and B; Having overlords in the first place is the problem. That they are dumb or incompetent what have you is a distant, secondary issue. And if you think about it a bit further, would you rather have a dumb, incompetent overlord, or a very intelligent, focused and willful one? Personally I’d prefer the former to the latter, if I’m going to be forced to chose between the two rather than have the “no overlords” option.

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