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Karl Marx hated the USSR and what it did under the claim of his ideas.

Don’t believe me? Look it up.

August 4, 2013
Comment to The Invention of Ideology
[I’m quite suspicious of people who claim they can “channel the spirit” of someone. Defending the claim that it doesn’t happen is trivially easy. Hence I think the only look up required is that Marx died in 1883 and no government could claim the title of USSR until sometime after the revolution in 1917.

But Marxist defenders don’t really need facts. They just have to “understand” the benefits of communism even if they can’t understand the simplest and best tested of economics theories.—Joe]


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  2. I managed to derail one guy with this inquiry: If the Affordable Healthcare Act is so awesome, why are so many entities trying to get waivers excusing themselves from it?

    He just kind of sputtered to a halt. I could see his mental transmission seizing up as he tried to form some kind of coherent counter argument.

    • The answer, as provided by my Frothing-mouthed Left-of-Mao Sister-in-law, Miss Nitro, is greed. The same as what filled the Gulags in the USSR in the 30’s, greedy counter-revolutionary saboteurs.

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