Gun Song – Trigger Happy by Weird Al Yankovic

Time for something lighter. “Weird” All Yankovic has been doing spoofs and take-offs almost as long as I’ve been listening to popular music, and I’ve usually likes his versions as good as the original. And, he plays a mean accordion. If the embed below doesn’t work, try this link to Trigger Happy.

If you like spoofs, and making fun of artists who take themselves way to seriously, Weird Al is you guy.


7 thoughts on “Gun Song – Trigger Happy by Weird Al Yankovic

  1. Aside from the most vague of possible Markley’s Law references, it contains about every anti gun stereotype ever.

    • Yup, pretty much. But coming in a form like this, from Weird Al, makes them much funnier than coming from the Brady Campaign.

      • The song never struck me as particularly vicious or hateful. I mean, you didn’t see obese people throwing fits about ‘Fat’. Yeah, it pokes fun. But if you can’t take a little heat…

      • I agree. I only point out what I refer to as the “default left” mindset showing itself in the lyrics.

  2. LOL Love WeirdAl! I remember this song from the Dr. Demento show (yeah…I admit, I listened to that…and even taped it), loved the verse about the kitty.

  3. Dr Demento! That was perfect for a middle school boy. A while back I heard “Another One Rides the Bus” sound like it was done in Al’s garage, but to an 11 year old, it was awesome. I don’t worry about being poked fun at by someone lime Weird Al. He goes after everyone. Another fav of his is “Please Don’t Shoot, Mister Postman.”

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