You knew it was coming here

In California, no surprise, a ban has been proposed on:

…hammers, wrenches, slingshots, shields and presumably anything else with a blunt edge such as garden rakes or sticks.

I’m am surprised they are going after blunt objects first. I would have expected them to ban sharp objects first. But it really doesn’t matter that much to me which they go after first. The answer is the same.



6 thoughts on “You knew it was coming here

  1. Reporter’s microphones are heavy and could inflict blunt trauma. Better ban them too. Wine bottles, dildos, etc., the list goes on.

    Why not just ban Oakland, and be done with that sh**hole?

    • When it goes bankrupt, we can hope it goes into receivership and all it’s municipal laws go away, too. That would be ONE way to rid ourselves of lots of crappy city ordinances in places like Chicago, NYC, etc. Clear out bad debt, bad laws, bad pols, all at once!

  2. This is what (f)GB did in 1953 with their offensive weapons act (I think that’s what it was called, I’m too lazy to look up what is really an irrelevant fact). It’s yet another waypoint on the descent into barbarity that (f)GB has experienced and the USA seems to be following.

  3. We have the same restrictions enshrined in state law in Western Australia.

    Anything that you might be carrying can be categorised as a “weapon” if you have “no lawful excuse” to possess it at that time and in that place. Carry a folding knife with a 1″ blade on your car keys – weapon. Have a baseball bat in your car, and not on your way to or from a game – weapon.

    It allows charges of “going armed” to be laid for doing nothing, and acts as an enhancement on other charges – “… with a weapon”.

    • “No lawful excuse” sounds like a different way of saying “everything is forbidden unless it is specifically permitted” — the classic totalitarian way of looking at law.

  4. At this point is there any longer a need to concoct a premise for harassing people? The premises have already gone beyond the insane, so why bother with them at all?

    On the other hand, the schoolyard bully will often make up some insane reason for beating up or otherwise torturing the smaller kid. I think that the insane premise is a significant part of the intimidation and frustration being imposed by the bully upon the coward. “Hey! Dipshit! Those are some stupid, ugly-ass shoes you’re wearing!” or “What’er you lookin’ at?” It’s part of the challenge— The bully draws the weak into the irrational hell that the bully lives in, and challenges anyone to stop him. He’s showing you his upside down world, how horrible it is, and at some level he WANTS to be stopped. You can now see how people like Obama, Biden, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner can make such blatantly insane comments in public and get away with it. It’s part of the game.

    The bully is a miserable sack of shit, he knows it, and it frustrates him to no end that he can’t find anyone to correct him and set him straight. But we don’t look to moral authority (real authority as opposed to brute force) to set him straight. We think mainly of being simply the bigger bully “putting that son of a bitch in his place”. If everyone is that lame, then this hell he lives in might actually be “reality” (the replacement culture). Then we’re all cooked.

    You know what that makes us then. Society is composed of bullies and cowards, each bully being a coward before greater bullies and each coward being a bully before weaker cowards, all attempting to lead, or join, a bigger or stronger group of bullies for self protection and for reinforcement of the victim mindset. Without both bullies AND cowards, you cannot have an authoritarian system, which is of course where government-run education comes in extremely handy.

    We’ve been degraded and distracted for so long, for so many generations, and made to look the other way, going about our business while horrible things are being done to us and our neighbors, that we now have a much greater fight on our hands than we’d have had back when there was still some semblance of reason guiding our society. Now the bullies have proven to themselves that THEY make the rules and that NO ONE is going to stop them. Sooner or later we’ll have to kill them. They’ll make sure of it. They’re already well into the phase of making a specific point of it. They’ll leave no other alternative. That’s always how it works when bullying behavior (authoritarian/gang behavior) goes unchecked for so long. That’s a guarantee, and Obama has been buddy-ing up to the Muslims who tell us, “We love death more than you love life.”

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