More on national gun registration

We already have national gun registration. Without even having to connect any dots, we have what I’ll call the direct markers– anyone who has filled out a 4473 or had an instant background check, has a carry permit, has purchased a hunting license, etc., i.e. any government record.

Next are what we might call the second tier direct markers. Those are things like range membership, ammo or accessory purchases using a bank card, organization membership or donations, magazine subscriptions, et al.

Last is the “indirect marker” or any sort of metadata that would point to you being “one of those people” indirectly, or in the presence of other data. Web browsing and site visitation history, location/time data, security camera recordings, personal associations, et al. That list is a big one.

No matter whether it’s official or not, we have full national gun registration right now.

Just the things, the abuses, we already know about say it’s true. Then there are the abuses we don’t know about, which we can add to the already stinking pile.

The preliminary trial records of a local missing person case this week brought this to my attention. In it they used cell tower ping data (general locations and times) asserting that holes in the data indicated toward guilt. In other words, it wasn’t so much what was there, but what wasn’t there (L.O.S.) that we are to take, overlaid with verbal testimony and other clues, as damning evidence.

You may not be forced to wear an armband right now, indicating your tribal affiliation, but there is no need for such anachronisms anymore. Effectively you ARE wearing an armband and much more.

This is not to get you irritated or angry. There’s far too much of that already and none of that is helpful Just understand where we are in the process.

What isn’t being discussed much is that identification, ideology and affiliation data can be used by multiple parties. Spooks with spooking rings may be spooking in ways that would spook the spooks, and iron doors on grass huts can fool those inside as well as those outside.

Ooga booga!


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  1. Anybody doubt the call your FFL makes to the NICS system is recorded? Instant registration.

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