Gun Song – 32/20 by Gov’t Mule

GAK! Been fighting a sinus infection, and forgot my Friday Gun Song! Better late than never, I guess.

A song from a long time ago, found a recording of it with a classic blues guy from the 1930’s playing it (Robert Johnson). Like many gun songs, it’s not all fluffy and light. Gov’t Mule is a pretty rock’n blues band by the sound of this recording.

Lyrics here

For those not familiar with it, a 32-20 Winchester is like a scaled down .30-30, with the same sort of nomenclature, i.e., 32 caliber, 20 grains of black powder.


2 thoughts on “Gun Song – 32/20 by Gov’t Mule

  1. Gov’t Mule is indeed a good band, if you’re into rocky blues. Think Allman Brothers, but more bluesey.

  2. Got a couple of them, a Smth and a Colt as well as a ’92 Winnie. An old friend told me that the pistols were favorites of city peace officers way back when.

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