What’s the problem?

From the Seattle Police Department blog:

Security came out of nowhere,” he told officers, adding that all he did “was not pay for some items.”

I will concede that the perpetrator could just be criminally stupid. But nearly every time I walk down the streets of Seattle I’m amazed at the number of communists openly advocating their failed economics. I can’t walk more than a couple blocks without seeing someone selling “Real Change” (here is one socialist/communist editorial I found after about 30 seconds of looking).

Tonight as I was heading to my bus I crossed Pine Street on the east side of 3rd. There were a bunch of people chanting and holding signs in the middle of Pine street. The one sign I bothered to read was something about demanding a $15/hour minimum wage. I couldn’t understand all the words of the chant but it ended with “against the wall”. I don’t know for certain but it sounded like a threat to me. On the north side of Pine there were a bunch of police officers on bicycles. One was giving directions to the others and they broke into two groups and surrounded the chanting crowd. A few minutes later I received a couple Tweets from the Seattle PD:

I have to wonder; Is this what it was like in the early days before the communists took over in other countries? Even in the cities of Kirkland and Bellevue just a few miles to the east of Seattle openly advocating for communism is rare. On the east side of the state and on into Idaho it’s even more rare. Yet in downtown Seattle it’s so accepted that someone there acts as if there isn’t a problem with taking things from a store without paying for them.

We have a serious problem if the concept of private property is so alien that when these people get caught stealing their response is bewilderment and ask, “What’s the problem?”


6 thoughts on “What’s the problem?

  1. The cops should take their cellphones and give them to the nearest passer by and then ask them “What’s the problem?”

  2. “Is this what it was like in the early days before the communists took over in other countries?”

    Yes. Pretty much. The spreading of unrest is key. Unrest and confusion. Well, maybe not so much the early days, as the late days, right before things go apeshit. We could take to laughing at them, calling them stupid and so on, but there’s a mechanism at work here and we need to be aware of it even if those agents of communism (or whatever you want to call it) are not aware of their role in it. They themselves are being played.

    It seems the comms have a secure beachhead there, and so that is a command center of sorts. You’re in a hot zone. I’d warn you to get the hell out of there, but I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    Know your options. Once SHTF it’ll be too late, as your escape routes are very limited. Hopefully S won’t HTF, but it is going in that direction.

  3. I worked security in an inner-city for a bit when I was younger.

    There are people out there who genuinely believe that anything they want is owed to them, and that the person who owns it is committing an injustice by keeping it from them. (Half-@$$ed conspiracy theories about oppression and “the man” feature prominently.)

  4. I say we give them what they want. Ship them off to the Alaskan wilderness to starve in the cold.

    No reason the rest of us need to suffer for their faith, after all.

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