Chicago Confiscation

On the civil-rights side, we keep saying that the there is a slippery slope that the anti-rights people want to push us down as fast as possible, and things like registration serve no purpose other than to confiscate. On the other side, the anti-rights bigots keeps calling us paranoid, saying that it’ll never happen, etc. Except for when it does.

Chicago Firearms confiscation BeginsThose that have their FOID card lapse are making pols worry that their guns are not taken away that very moment. But, because of the change in IL law recently, the number of FOID applicants is up, WAY up, so waiting times after application for renewal are also way up.

It’s not paranoia if they really ARE out to get you. It’s simply recognition of reality. On the flip side, I think delusional is a term that can be applied to the antis.


2 thoughts on “Chicago Confiscation

  1. What do the police who raid (sorry – pay a courtesy call) on one’s home do if one claims the firearms have all been moved out of state to a secure storage facility?

    What do they do if one says one melted them all with an acetylene torch?

    This looks like another example of the Chicago police realizing that the law-abiding are a much safer group with whom to interact than, say, gangbangers shooting each other over drug turf.

    • It tell me they are interested in enforcing law, but have no interest in justice, public safety, effective use of police time or money, actual safety of good citizens, or any of those things they are ostensibly supposed to do. If they want to go down the road they are headed, I think they need to hire more “Ed 209” droids ( )… and hope it doesn’t mistarget THEIR guns.

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