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Got a gun question: What’s the best and most readily available .22 LR pistol that comes with a threaded barrel as a standard item? It seems like there should be a lot of options, as suppressors and various barrel do-dads become more common, but I don’t see a lot of models out there. The Ruger 22/45 and Ruger Mk III both have that as an option, as does the Sig Mosquito (but I’ve not heard a lot of good things about that one). Any other options I should be looking into?


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  1. I’ve been pretty happy with my 22/45 lite. I haven’t hung a can on it, but the option is there.

    • Hmmm… interesting. Anyone know of a 1911 conversion upper to .22 LR that has a threaded barrel? Or, to be more precise – anyone with any review comments about the many that show up when I do a search, as to reliability, fit-n-finish, etc.?

      • “Anyone know of a 1911 conversion upper to .22 LR that has a threaded barrel?”

        Tactical Solutions 2211 is available with a threaded barrel.

      • I believe Marvel Precision offers a threaded barrel with their .22 conversion.

  2. How about the Walther P22 Pistol. Watch the Sootch00 Videos Walther P22 Pistol Review and Walther P22 Pistol disassembly / Field Strip.

    • DO NOT buy a Walther p-22! I had one blow up on me.

      Do a search on “Walther p-22 slide failure”. They all fail in the exact same spot.

      Fortunately, I was wearing shooting glasses at the time, but the slide flew back and smacked me right in the forehead.

  3. ruger sr22. Lot more fun than my 22/45 but mostly because my 22/45 is in dire need of a trigger that does not suck. (in comparison, the double action pull (single action is acceptable on the sr22) on the sr22 which hovers between horrible and 8 grit sandpaper is still better than the 22/45 trigger as it came new from the factory.

    someday I will get around to removing the mag disconnect and changing out the various bits in the 22/45 to make it work well, but not today

  4. I recommend the Marvel precision .22 upper for 1911s. It is available with a threaded barrel. Very accurate. My test target shows an inch at 50 yards accurate.

    • Looks like a good unit, but it’s more than a hundred bucks more than an entire 22/45. Seems odd that you can buy an entire gun, a regulated item with all the attendant paperwork, for less than an unregulated “gun part.”

  5. If you have a Buckmark, this might be an option to consider.

    New-in-the-box, maybe one of these or possibly this would fill the bill. [Not affiliated w/ any of the retailers, just quick links to the products.]

  6. You can fondle my buckmark + tacsol barrel at the next man night. You can also buy a buckmark Camper package, but the tacsol barrel + a can makes the buckmark so light it’s crazy.

    Also, the 4.5 or 3.5″ barrel means bulk ammo is subsonic at the muzzle. Don’t remember which.

  7. Smith and Wesson have an M&P full size in .22 creatively called the M&P22. It’s not exactly the same size as the M&P9/40/45, but it’s close enough that it can share holsters.

    Like the Walther P22, it has a threaded barrel with a barrel nut on the muzzle end that keeps the barrel from falling out. There’s a $30 adapter that replaces this nut and makes you wind up with a 1/2×28 muzzle threading. Gemtech makes em and you can get them on Amazon. The Walther and the Smith seem to share barrels, so an adapter for one will fit the other.

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