3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kevin Cole

  1. It’s sad that so many”progressives” suffer from penis envy. Although I understand that artificial ones are available for purchase.

  2. Lefties have lots of psychological problems. They see a gun and think “penis”. They see a slavering, barbaric, monstrous orcs in a movie and think “black people”.

  3. Well, #p2 #tcot, I’m sure I can get you some of those pills if you have some decent 30 round mags for me.

    @ Rob; It’s a hypnotic state. They aren’t necessarily crazy so much as they are being controlled by craziness. That is a distinction with a difference. I believe it is curable, and that cure is what we should be looking into. The question, specifically, is;
    If you are confronted by someone who, you believe, has been hypnotized, how do you de-hypnotize them– How do you get someone back into a state of some objectivity?

    The hypnotized person is being manipulated, and no one wants to believe they are being manipulated, so telling them they’re being manipulated probably will backfire, and severely. A further catch is that you’d have to “manipulate” someone, so to speak, out of being manipulated. I don’t have the answer but it warrants further investigation.

    Another problem is that none of us, or very nearly none of us, is truly objective. ARE WE? What does objectivity look like? Excuse me while I have a cigarette and think about it. (That last sentence was a joke, see, or a self deprecation to illustrate the point)

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