If you are an anti-gun person that says something stupid in public, and I mock you for it on my blog, don’t expect me to take it down just because it shows up in Google searches.

If you are going to attack me and millions of other NRA members and gun owners then you are going to have to pay the price for your bigotry.


8 thoughts on “FYI

  1. You can’t make this post without cluing us in on exactly what happened… come on, Joe. You should know better!

    • The guy wrote me an email saying my blog post, with his real name, was showing up on Google searches and it wouldn’t hurt me to remove it.

      Except for this blog post I ignored his email.

      • Ha! So you now need to edit this post to incorporate his name again. That way it shows up twice.

  2. Typical Prog. Once the real world intrudes into their philosophical echo chamber, they have a meltdown. 🙄

  3. Yes, and in fact the request was ignorant because it would not have made the search engine entries go away.

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  5. “If you are going to attack me and millions of other NRA members and gun owners…”

    Worse yet is attacking and smearing a basic human right. You can attack me, and that’s one thing, but to attack the very moral bases for respecting human life, and the Bill of Rights which enumerates some of them, then we’re going to have a fight.

    If you think better of it afterwards, and you don’t want your original attack to hold its influence upon the way you are perceived in public, then you can come on this site and apologize, making your new, true beliefs understood. See how that works? If instead you run away and change your name, we’ll assume you are what your attack made you appear to be.

    I once was a flaming (to some extent) leftist, and I have written flaming leftist (shitbag) essays for public consumption, but I am not afraid of them being known. I have changed my mind and I can explain how I was duped, how I saw the light and how I now consistently proclaim my love of liberty. You never need to fear or run away from the truth. Hell’s bells; in high school I wrote an essay, of which I was very proud, declaring the human race to be a cancer on the face of an otherwise pristine Earth. I was wrong, I was deceived into being wrong, I admit it, and I’m trying to make up for it. What’s to hide? And why?

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