Quote of the day—Sebastian

I have to give Barack Obama credit — he’s done a lot more to keep guns and ammo off of store shelves than any president in history.

July 21, 2013
[I wonder if he is proud of that accomplishment. I’m sure that was his goal coming into the presidency. But the anti-gun people don’t seem to be any more happy with him that the pro-gun people.

It’s odd how that works out. Isn’t it?—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sebastian

  1. Guess the Anointed One didn’t realize just how many “Clingers” there actually are in the Republic.

    Plus all the New Shooters who said “Enough!”

    Plus the 1-2 Million INCREASE in Membership of the NRA, and the money that is has received to continue the Fight.

    Plus, in spite of the Propaganda Effort and Jury Tampering by Holder’s Department of InJustice, the Inner Cities have NOT turned into Burning Shells such as what happened in the Rodney King Riot in Los Angeles. Which means he CAN’T declare Martial Law and rule like he was Hugo Chavez.

    You know, if I was Obama, I’d be Firing a whole bunch of his Advisors for being Incompetents. His Arm MUST be getting sore from throwing all those Lead Balloons at us.

  2. I just realized that EVERY SINGLE GUN MY WIFE AND I OWN were bought under Obummer’s administration. Every one of them. Proud to be one of the New Shooters!!!

    And as bonus points, we are also NRA members and now have our CHL’s. Prior to Obummer slipping through the cracks in ’08, my wife hated guns. Wanted nothing to do with them. After the election, she started getting worried about her rights being trampled, whether she chose to act upon those rights or not. So in ’10, we went to the range with my brother and sister-n-law. It wasn’t a month later that we started frequenting Cabelas, and I found a Holy Grail rack of Mosin’s for $100 (they’re now priced at $170 each). She did a lot of research, we went and looked at guns, and a little while later we were the proud owners of a pair of Springfield XD 9mm’s. We discovered Texas’ Castle Doctrine, and started carrying in the car. This year we were finally able to afford classes and state fees, and are now licensed. Thank you, Obummer, for providing the incentive we needed!

  3. If Democrats were both sneaky and smart, they would expunge gun control from their platform, halt all anti-gun legislation, pressure anti-gun groups to shut down and tell the media to shut up. A grand conspiracy…

    Then, Americans might forget their track record and years from now they spring the trap of registration (supposedly to help out law enforcement) with total confiscation years later. Lulling us into sleep is their best course of action because right now the dragon is awake and really ticked that they want to steal our treasure.

    Of course, this has zero chance of occurring since they are driven at their core by gut level raw emotion, fear, and a unquenchable desire to eliminate firearms in the hands of citizens.

  4. Indeed. And a fair number of us don’t trust Republicans a whole lot more on this either. There are only about 2 or 3 Congressmen who actually honor and obey the Constitution. All the rest treat it as a running joke. Or, in the words of Democratic House Whip James Clyburn: “There’s nothing in the constitution that says the Federal government has got anything to do with most of the stuff that we do.”
    Funny that someone like that would actually confess to perjury on the record. It goes to show how little they understand, and how little they care.

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