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This Holder speech tells me that Holder, one of the main leaders of this Government, just advocated FOR the predation of his Government ON it’s own people, and he framed that advocacy in racial terms.

US Attorney General Eric Holder has just approved of violence by blacks on other races. President Obama now must decide to remove Eric Holder from leadership, or admit that he, too, supports race-based Government predation.

We may have just seen the line between simple bad leadership and outright Tyranny crossed here, with our Government having just clearly expressed tyrannical intentions.

July 17, 2013
Comment to Quote of the day—Eric Holder
[While I agree there are tyrannical implications this is far from the first “line to be crossed”.


  • Obamacare
  • Claiming authority to kill U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without due process (drone strikes)
  • Failure to prosecute those that break laws while supporting the current administration (blacks intimidating white voters at the polls, David Gregory’s possession of a standard capacity magazine in D.C.)

These are just a few examples of a large set of “lines of significance” which have been crossed.—Joe]

Update: There are so many that I forget them… Add the IRS scandal and giving guns to the drug cartels to justify gun bans in the U.S.


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rivrdog

  1. Even if “predation” is restrictively defined ONLY as removing freedom (or allowing others to remove it) without due process, this Government has established a trend of predation on it’s own people.

    I yield your point, sir.

  2. With all the “Investment” that is being spent on the Zimmerman Event, I do wonder WHY the Professional Racists like Holder, Obama Sharpton, et.al. are doing it. After all, one message that was “Sent” (in spite of the best efforts of their MSM Cronies) is that the Average Citizen CAN use Deadly Force to Protect themselves outside the Home, as long as they Obey the Law. And “Troubled Youths of Color” have NO “Right” to get away with Assault. No Free Pass.

    It’s as if they (Holder,et.al) were planning something down the road that NEEDED these “Troubled Youths”, and now they will have a Hard Time getting Volunteers. Heck, they couldn’t even get ONE “Rodney King Riot” going after the Verdict came out.

    I haven’t seen this much Panic on the part of the Federal Government since 9/11. So WHY are they Panicking? “The World Wonders.”

    • As for why the various professional racists are doing this, that’s easy. They are trying to protect their power or wealth. I recently saw a video (on The Blaze as I recall) in which Sharpton and Jackson were referred to as “poverty pimps”. That fits — their livelihood depends on promoting other people’s poverty (or similar problems). For that, those problems don’t have to be real; all that is required is to fool people into believing they exist.
      The same goes for all statists, of course: government programs exist because enough people have been made to believe that (a) there is a problem, and (b) the government could cure it. In reality, (a) is often not true and certainly (b) is never true — never, because if it were, the program would have to end and then the government parasites working there would be jobless. This isn’t allowed to happen and in fact never does.

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