8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—TruthtoConservatives

  1. Someone really needs to look into why lefties tend to conflate sex with violence. Doesn’t seem like a real healthy trend to me.

    On the plus side, if someone out there is looking for material for a thesis, have at it.

  2. It’s “magazine” you twit, not “clip”. And really, 30 rounds is so passe. I’m way more likely to catch wood off a 75 round drum.

  3. Seems like an odd accusation from the left. After all, they’re the ones in such dire need of pecker pills that they require government level purchasing power…

  4. Untrue. The only clips I own are for my Mosin, and hold 5 rounds. My Mosin is wooden. Therefore, I can grab a woody after only inserting a 5-round clip. The requirements for an erection I shall leave between me and my wife. Which is where I would expect it to remain. Anyone tries to come between, may end up meeting my woody (and its attached 2′ bayonet).

  5. This attitude is probably projection on their part. They get excited over massacres (i.e. the more dead kids, the bigger the blood dance party to push their goals) and other deviant behavior (e.g. see the violent protests by progressive scum for any ridiculous leftist cause). They are usually gleeful that it degenerates into a police confrontation.

    Since sexual allusions seem their primary means of expressing themselves, how about the my personal observation on it? Here you go…the anti-gunners need to grow a pair of testicles, man up, and stop soiling their panties in abject fear of firearms. They need to stop being little fearful girls around guns. They are not magical or monstrous and they are not self-animated. Millions upon millions of Americans lawfully and safely use them every day for the benefit of society.

  6. …30 round clip(?)… Is that where the barber runs around the chair 30 times while clipping your hair?

  7. It’s really pathetic how these folks keep obsessing over my ding-dong.

    Look, y’all, for the last time…I’m flattered. Really. Even though your fixation borders on the pathological(well, OK, it jumped right over the border like it had a Get Amnesty Free Card), my junk must be pretty damn impressive to be able to dominate practically every waking moment of your ultimately meaningless existence. I never thought it so, but you obviously do, so I admit that I’m currently blushing and doing that ‘aw shucks’ thing.

    But you’re never going to get it. I’m a happily married man. In the realm of genitalia, I’m devoted to one awesome person until death do we part, and that’s just the way it is. Sorry, you should have found me sooner.

    Please, just try to cope with the reality of the situation. Would that things had been different, but they simply aren’t. So, for your sake and everyone else’s, please try to get your mind off my penis. This obsession you’ve developed simply isn’t doing any good for anyone.

    Thank you in advance, and God bless.

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