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I have no idea what the cartoonist was thinking. This makes absolutely no sense what so ever to me.

The right to keep and bear arms is an explicitly enumerated right in the Bill of Rights on equal ground with the rights listed on the sign. “Union rights” are not explicit in the Constitution or BOR but some aspect of a union have implicit protection such as freedom of association. But how do gun rights threaten any aspect of the other rights or of someone wishing to be a member of a union?

My best guess is the cartoonist has crap for brains. Does anyone have a better idea?


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  1. You have to climb inside the mind of a victim of decades of agitprop and other forms of social engineering (i.e. a useful idiot) and understand that what THEY mean by union rights is essentially communism. What THEY mean by “equal Justice” is essentially communism. What THEY mean by “peaceable assembly” is essentially brute force to get their way regardless of majority opinion or true rights, and so on and on. In light of all that, they are exactly right in feeling threatened by armed American patriots, who by their nature and principles stand in opposition to any form or degree of communism.

    The other rights mentioned are just being conflated with their “equal justice” (redistributive change and fundamental transformation) bullshit.

    Yes it is true; they USE THE WORDS OF LIBERTY, but they stand in bitter, white-hot hateful opposition to liberty as we know it. It’s a very old Soviet tactic, and we should all be aware of it when talking with the enemy. There’s not a Republican alive who understands a bit of this (or they’re complicit).

    • And by same measure; Bill Maher is a “Libertarian”.

      It’s a deliciously evil process of simultaneously irritating those in the know, confusing everyone else, and making the more stupid among us think they’re harmless.

      • Ah, yes. “Libertarian”. Anarchist Adam Kokesh, in his best ‘shroom-dreams, calls himself a libertarian.

        Use of that political discriptor by commies and bomb-throwing anarchists seems to be well-tolerated by the Left these days, as if they are trying to fool someone.

    • “There’s not a Republican alive who understands a bit of this”

      As I’ve heard those same words said by many people who identify themselves as Republican, you’re mistaken.

  2. Definitely carp-for-brains. Check out GunRight’s grip….how, in the name of Odin’s hairy armpit, does one go for a single-hand grip and manage to get that hand’s thumb on the same side of the handgun as your other fingers? One pull of the trigger and that puppy’s gone!

    • I think what looks like the tip of his thumb is the top of the grip panel.

  3. Also note; the gun guy is whiter and better dressed than the darker and presumably less wealthy, poor union minority victim. And thus it exploits the well-tended memes of racism and wealth inequality/oppression by the rich, and the craziness of gun owners, all at the same time.

    Remember; if you advocate liberty you’re a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe who wants to oppress the poor to keep yourself rich, dirty the air, dirty the water, clear-cut all the forrests, strip-mine all the land, overheat the planet with hydrocarbon fuels, impose your beliefs on the whole world, kill animals and eat them just for thrill of domination it gives you, start wars to make yourself even richer, starve children and kick old people out onto the streets with no food or medicine. Remember all that and all of these cartoons will always make perfect sense.

  4. I’ve been saying all of this for years, and I say again; then communists, Progressives, radical Islamists, “anti colonialists” (the Obama / Reverend Wright crowd), et al, see themselves as would-be liberators. There’s a name for it even; “Liberation Theology” and this cartoon is a PERFECT illustration of it.

    It’s also been referred to as the “freedom from right, to do wrong”– there is a pent-up, secret, and in some cases not-so-secret, desire to run wild, killing, robbing, looting, raping and generally causing pain and havoc in the world, reducing the global population in a frenzy of hateful, destructive abandon, and that desire is hampered by standards of decency such as the American principles of liberty, the rule of natural law and the Judeo/Christian culture. They want “freedom” from those “obstacles” and so we are seen as oppressors.

    This is deep, dark shit and yet it is the way of much of the world. Our challenge is to avoid being dragged down into it along with the instigators.

  5. Why does it have to make sense? I have noticed for quite a while now that most liberal “arguments” are non-sequiturs. They simply throw them out there and hope no one notices.

    • What was called in logic class, “Excluded Middle.”
      Make the jump as quickly as you can and hope no one notices. It’s a kind of magician’s misdirection.

  6. That is one of the most awesomely stupid cartoons I’ve ever seen.

  7. The only way it makes sense to me is the armed citizen is able to deter the SEIU thug from using violence. They hate it when we can defend ourselves.

    They are just cloaking themselves in the terms of freedom, just like the Soviet Union PRAVDA newspaper, so they can torture the truth and abuse the words to mean the exact opposite of their real meaning.

  8. This cartoon reminds me of that famous picture from Vietnam during the Tet Offensive, where the police chief executed a Viet Cong on the street in front of the camera after he found the Viet Cong had murdered members of his family.

  9. IIRC, back in the days when workers were first starting to organize, corporations went to great pains to try to intimidate them, and even a few murders occurred. The only way unionizers were able to defend themselves against Tommy-gun-toting corporate thugs was to arms themselves, much like black civil rights activists. So in a large way, the cartoon is quite backwards.

    • You got that right.
      One of the essays in Tonso’s “The gun culture and its enemies” (recommended, by the way) is by a guy who traveled all through the south during the 1960s, when black people looking for civil rights and others trying to help their quest had to be really worried for their lives. He pointed out how important guns were to their work, and their ability to live through it. Facing down a bunch of guys in bed sheets is a lot easier if you have a good gun in your hands.

  10. Where did you get this cartoon? It looks like it might relate to something local, not national. Maybe some gunnie brandished in front of union members or something….

  11. It’s been mentioned in a round about way by a few commenters, so let me just see if I can clear some things up about the ridiculousness.

    White gun owner, “ethnic” looking Union member. Except that the start of the Union movement and really up until the 1970’s was dominated by whites with the goal (sometimes explicitly stated) of keeping minorities from getting “their” work.

    While my experience may not be typical, the vast majority of union members I work with are staunch 2nd Amendment supportors.

    I could have sworn that companies like Remington and Colt were unionized, but maybe I am wrong.

  12. Consider the source. The byline in the corner says Capital Times, which according to Google and Wikipedia is a web-based, left leaning newspaper out of Madison. We’ll have a secessionist in the White House before those folks see the correlation between the 2d Amendment and the other 9.

  13. Lyle got it, and Wendy sees an interesting parallel I didn’t see.

    Image-searched the artist’s other cartoons, and they’re heavily pro-union, particularly public-sector teacher. Strong elements of class warfare, rich corporate-funded GOP billed as an enemy, and one or two were critical of democrats.

    It seems to represent jealousy the suit (gun lobby) gained more traction recently than unions have.

  14. Crap for brains is the only answer, given the near immunity unions have been given for their own violence.

  15. And I’m pretty sure the person with the sign is intended to be a lesbian.

    • It works as described either way. Whether it’s a vaguely dark-skinned man or a vaguely dark-skinned lesbian, it will resonate with every ignorant, mesmerized OWS / socialized medicine supporter, capitalism hater out there. “So true…so true” they’ll think to themselves, wishing everyone were as enlightened as they.

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