Failure to report a crime becoming a crime?

For those that thought it couldn’t happen, we’ll see. Obama is looking to stop insider leaks. Specifically by ordering federal workers to spy on each other, and it includes making failure to report a crime, a crime. East Germany, full speed ahead.

Can you saw “witch hunt?” Can you say “ideological purification?” can you say “regulatory capture?” I knew you could, boys and girls.


7 thoughts on “Failure to report a crime becoming a crime?

  1. Multnomah County beat him to it. If you fail to report a missing gun within 48 hours of it going missing, you are a criminal. No matter that you didn’t discover that it was missing, if the po-po establish you didn’t report it missing, you can be charged. Liberal Sheriff Staton (who I helped train as a rookie) supported the law, but now says he won’t enforce it. He must have learned that trick from Obama.

    • One more reason I’ll never live in Portland…I’m already too close as it is.

  2. Technically it has been for a very, very long time on the fedral level, there has exsisted the crime of misprison for failing to report a federal felony or treason the latter of which carries a heavier penalty. Of course I don’t know of any cases where someone has actually charged with misprison but the posibility certainly exsists.

  3. Very high likelihood of this being abused by .fed employees out to “settle a score” or “eliminate the competition” for advancement/promotion. And for those who think that .fed and .gov employees are above such petty concerns, take a quick gander at the latest IRS kerfluffle regarding audits and those who do not support the current regime.

    • Recommends expanding that petition to cover the head of every .gov department, the vast majority of both the Senate and the House, every Presidential cabinet appointee, and both the VP and Prez themselves. That should do for a start.

  4. I think one man’s “leaker” is just another man’s “whistle-blower”. We need a lot more transparency in government. All the dirty secrets, so we can vote some bastards out.

    Provided it is not state secrets given to a foreign country and thus espionage, I often appreciate these people coming forward to rain on the government parade of power.

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