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Everything centralized, from the Federal Reserve to the Too Big To Fail Banks to Medicare to the National Security State depends on the Federal government being a Savior State that must ceaselessly expand its share of the national income and its raw power lest it implode. All Savior States have one, and only one trajectory– they must ceaselessly expand and concentrate wealth and power or they will fail.

They are like the shark, which dies once it stops moving forward: the Savior State must push forward on its trajectory of expansion or it expires.

Stasis is not possible, nor is contraction; the promises made to the citizenry cannot be withdrawn without political instability, but the promises cannot be kept without fatally disrupting the neofeudal financialized debtocracy.

charles hugh smith
July 4, 2013
The Next American Revolution (Emphasis in the original)
[His main point is that the next revolution will be much different than any in the past. It will be one where the existing bureaucracy is bypassed and ignored rather than being forcibly removed from power. It will be, he claims, a place where, “wages are no longer an adequate model for distributing the surplus generated by the economy.

I agree with his characterization that the government is on a path where it must constantly expand or implode. I can believe his is right that the next revolution will be different than any ever seen before. But I am far from convinced that he has it right on the nature of the next revolution.

It seems to me that the nature of the majority of people is that they want/desire/require a central leader or authority. Either they either want to be ruled or they want to be a ruler. The concept of just leaving people alone to freely associate with others is inconceivable to most people. Even in a relatively free state they think in terms of freedom being forced upon them by some authority.

It is my expectation that from the ashes of our current government there will rise some new form of claimed authority to rule over the people and the vast majority of people will have not learned the lessons of history and will welcome it.—Joe]


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  1. There isn’t going to be a revolution. The rule of law is dead, the current process will continue and corruption and graft will be the new normal. And if you don’t like it, the NSA will turn your records over to Homeland Security for prosecution.

    • I too think that there will not be a revolution. The state is just too all knowing all powerful. Our only hope is for our global civilization to collapse and even then it is likely that the bad guys will have done a better job of prepping and still come out on top. After all they certainly have the most resources.

  2. I can’t find the quot right now, but I remember reading it a while back. An old guy, well-known at the time, was saying (paraphrasing) “Rome was eternal, and he couldn’t imagine it ever falling from power and greatness.” Nothing unusual there, except it was said something like a hundred yeasts AFTER what is now the accepted date for the fall of Rome (usually put at 476).
    I think we’ll likely stagger along, papering over the problems, a lot longer than smart people think we can, simply because so many stupid and evil people (two groups, with some overlap) have such a vested interest in maintaining the illusion of the status quo, and the dark frightens them. They’ll go on, living the lie, not worrying about eating the seed corn, because the modern technocrats don’t know what seed corn IS.

  3. Money is easy: the gold standard. The problem is that it was abolished in 1913, specifically to enable big government (the Wilson agenda). And any remaining traces of it were destroyed, very much on purpose, by Keynes at the Bretton Woods meeting.
    Bitcoin is unfortunately just another fiat currency. The only difference is that it is run by people who appear to be honest.

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