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Via Weerd.


As Weerd points out this is a straw man argument.

I also wonder if there is some “Freudian slip” in regards to almost all the triggers looking more like fishhooks than a real trigger. The overweight gun owners is an almost universal stereotype (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and of course the original classic first gun cartoon I clipped from a newspaper, and wrote the editor about, from the mid-1990’s).

It’s true that guns are successful conflict resolution tools. But the nature of the conflict for which they are appropriate and advertised for would be more along the lines of, “Home Invasion Deterrent”, “Personal Protection on the Street”, “Grizzly Bear Repellent”, and “Rodent Population Control”. Nothing on the entire set of NRA web sites or in any of their literature would even hint at any of the things this cartoons explicitly claims.

Our enemies cannot succeed on the basis of facts and things we claim. As one anti-gunner finally admitted, “You … are too strong for me. By that I mean a great compliment. Your knowledge of the subject is too great for me to compete with.” They must, by necessity, live in an alternate reality where they think we say things that we do not and then gleefully shoot down their imaginary foes.


3 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Tyranny repellant
    Lynching prevention
    Rape crisis negotiation
    Sociopath attitude adjustment
    Communism mitigation (ah…that’s what has them all pissed off and in a tizzy, isn’t it?)

    • @Lyle: the last one is going to leave a mark on them. The truth hurts.

      You can’t make a totalitarian omelette without breaking a few million eggs (i.e. killing patriots and the innocent).

      Our 2A is the ultimate back stop and the bright red line they can never cross.

      • Never say never. It’s been done before and it’s done every day. Earlier today I wrote a letter to a relative who likes to forward e-mails (yeah, one of those people). He forwarded me a pretty good little essay containing a repeated phrase that went something like, “you know when you’re in a country founded by geniuses and run by idiots when…” in a Jeff Foxworthy style. I caution people against underestimating the enemy. Sure WE look at what’s being done as idiotic, because of our standards of what is right and wrong, but the Other Side has its own ideas and its own plans, and is bold and audacious.

        The 2A was supposed to be a hedge against tyranny, but so far it has had very little effect in that department. Athens, Tennessee, 1946 is one example of armed citizens taking care of a corruption problem, but there are scant few, and that one consisted of recently returned WW II vets who knew how to shoot for blood and light a fuse. You now know, if you didn’t already, why the left has been taking action against vets, calling them incipient terrorists, burying them in red tape, trying to lure them into getting certain psychological treatments so they can be branded as mental cases against legal gun ownership and the like. If the 2A were a super duper protection against tyranny, we wouldn’t be in this current, growing mess. No; it comes down more to principles and resolve than anything else, but having guns can and does help in a pinch. In a real pinch, the jawbone of an ass is better than nothing, but I intend to have my guns at hand. There are lot of communists.

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