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All you Bambi killers out there that want to tote around your rifles in your truck gun racks should grow up. Guns are for killing and killing for sport is immoral. If you have to hunt to eat fine buy a gun but if you aren’t native or Inuit or live in outer nowheresville stick to paying darts or bingo. Guns and the people that love them are dangerously stupid.

1:54 PM, June 27, 2013
Comment to Quebec court decision moves Ottawa closer to fully scrapping long-gun registry
[Every sentence of this rant could be the target of a blog post explaining in great detail why the commenter is either willfully ignorant or stupid himself. I don’t have the time or the interest to do that so I’ll just point out that it is good to know what he thinks of gun owners. He wants to control people and confine us to “playing darts or bingo” and he must dehumanize us to do that. He believes he is a “superior moral authority” and that should give him the authority to do with us as he commands with the government doing the dirty work of implementing his policies.

Mr. Bill should attempt to do his own dirty work.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bill

  1. Not really a hunter myself, although I have nothing against it. But I have friends who ARE hunters, and none of them “live in outer nowheresville”….easy access to all sorts of stores where foodstuffs are sold. And guess what….EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM EAT WHAT THEY SHOOT. Killing for sport? Sure, there’s an adrenaline rush that goes along with hunting. Wasteful, senseless slaughter? Nope. Try doing some research and look at FACTS, not emotions, when you compose your rants, Bill. If your Mom will let you go outside that day.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if he’s aware that darts have their historical roots as deadly weapons used not only for hunting, but Militarily. Today’s ‘Dart games’ are evolutions of military training for the use of these weapons of war (read: used to facilitate the killing of humans), much the same as caber-tossing, and Boulder Throwing have evolved for ‘Highland Games’.

    So there’s really not much difference between a Dart Game, and Target Practice, is there? Oh, I’m sorry… one is loud and scary, the other not so much. *cough*SUPPRESSORS!*cough*

  3. I wonder if Mr. Bill is a vegetarian, or if he thinks the meat in his local supermarket comes from a Magic Cow Factory.

    Even if he is a vegetarian, I wonder if he knows how many deer, rabbits, birds and other critters were killed under depredation permits to keep them from eating all his precious veggies.

    …And that’s just the fisking of the hunting portion, which is one of the less relevant justifications to bear arms…

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