4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Black Chuck Todd

  1. We could just as credibly assert that anyone opposed to any part of the Bill of Rights has a small penis (or some other sexual or mental disability). We could, that is, if we were desperate to avoid basic principles of right verses wrong, independence verses dependence, and liberty verses tyranny (all different ways of saying the same thing of course).

    But why address the serious issues when we could sling cheap insults instead? For one thing it’s vastly easier and so it allows us to remain somewhat comfortable in our brokenness, ignorance and frustration. The cheap thrill of firing off insults is a convenient distraction from all our problems. Maybe it’s better than smoking crack and maybe not, but the basic process is the same. We get a quick high from either one. We forget about our personal problems for just a little while longer. If we’re very clever, we can spend our whole lives in this way, pointing fingers of blame and indulging in other cheap pleasures to distract us from our irritations and resentments, and eventually die having never faced reality.

    And I’m not talking about BCT alone. No, Little Grasshopper; I’m talking about all of us.

    • If they are made in China, they probably contain lead and or aborted fetuses.

      • I was thinking a little differently – as in “chocolate chips are made of chocolate, so…”

        Which brings up the problem of where to get supplies. I’m thinking that the harvesting takes place on both coasts, for the most part. Most of it by willing donations.

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