Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

If Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns are willing to make a martyr of a terror suspect to push their agenda it raises questions about the legitimacy of their campaign to disarm America, one legislative step at a time. Next thing you know, they’ll be calling Osama bin Laden a victim of gun violence, too.

Alan Gottlieb
June 19, 2013
[Using the legitimate deaths of criminals shot by both police and private citizens to inflate the numbers, to justify advocating more restrictions on gun owners, has been going on for at least 20 years. It probably has been going on “forever”. It’s just that I have only be aware of it for the last 20 years or so.

This tells you both how weak their case is and how morally bankrupt they are.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

  1. This type of intellectual dishonesty is easy to accomplish.

    All that is needed is to negatively objectify the premise, in this case, guns. Once that objective is accomplished, you can say whatever you want about the premise, and everyone lacking critical thinking skills will accept it.

    How long has the “objet d’art” that is the statue of the twisted revolver sat in front of UN HQ in Manhattan?

  2. I do not believe it is accidental. They do not want us to be able to resist any violence against us — from criminals or government. Press them and they’ll come up with books full of reasons why criminals are not responsible for their acts, but WE are.

    They hate us, and wish us harm. THAT is why they demand we be disarmed.

  3. It’s Illegal Mayors Against Guns.

    There. I fixed it for you.

    They are engaged in a conspiracy against civil rights and ought to be in jail or paying hefty fines.


  4. They’ve always counted them in the numbers. Now someone got the bright idea to go on a bus tour and read all the names in public.

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