Syria – a win-win thought

Just thinking out loud here. Why is the current Syria situation NOT considered a win-win? I mean, yeah, it sucks for Syria, but that part of the world has been in various stages of suckitude pretty much continuously since well before the first Persian empire threw up there. But consider a simplified view of it: LOTS of Islamic radicals go there to fight, and die in the process (i.e., they are not butchering civilians and imposing Sharia elsewhere). One side buys guns with profits from the opium trade from Russia, the other side buys guns with oil profits from us, everyone gets to export young male Islamic radicals there. Heck, seems to me Russia and the US should be ENCOURAGING it to fester in the name of national security and as a domestic jobs program…. I mean, if it’s OK for the Islamic world to deliberately leave the Israel “problem” fester and use it for  domestic political purposes, is this not simply a “balanced approach” to the region?