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If this is what passes for winning in Washington these days, I have no idea what losing looks like anymore.

June 18, 2013
Comment to White House Officials Say They Are Winning Gun Control Debate, Will Again Push For New Laws
[I love that picture of V.P. Biden. Pouting like a three year-old characterizes the situation quite well.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—irish189

  1. I’ve always thought that … “thoughtful remorse” … expression on Biden’s face looked a bit staged. Y’know, like he’s holding the frown while trying his damnedest not to laugh. He’s trying too hard.

    Besides, anyone who’s heard him speak publicly is well aware he’s capable of neither thought nor remorse.

    • Not even capable of common sense, or knowledge of the law (“just shoot a blast in the air! Get a shotgun!”)

  2. Socialists are always “winning” no matter what. The Allies can have the capitol city surrounded and lobbing artillery into the city, the socialists can be using the last of their young boys and old men to defend the Fatherland using old, pathetic weapons, with most of their regular army lost or busy losing far away battles, their economy and supply lines in shambles, their people starving, their buildings on fire, and still; “Victory is at hand”.

    It’s only when they make that last gesture of having a last orgy, taking the cyanide capsules and blowing their own brains out that they have “lost” and even then it is not their fault but their followers’ fault.

    Since their entire world view and everything it’s based on is a huge lie from the get go, the smaller lies along the way, such as that of their perpetual winning, are just the icing on the cake, and inevitable.

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