He Gets It

To all you fellow racists redneck Tea-partiers and haters, who only opposes the Obama-sariat because you are racists haters (yes, there might be a tad-bit of sarcasm there), I give you a guy who gets it. Nothing new, just well-presented.

I’d sure vote for him over any of the candidates I’ve seen run in my district in the last twenty years. I’d prefer a straight-up libertarian, but he’d be a vast improvement over the statist we have now.


7 thoughts on “He Gets It

  1. He can’t be the only Democrat who’s fully aware of what that speech is all about.

    I wonder what made him break his silence.

  2. Great video and this is a completely off topic comment… but enjoying the production value on that one and, as someone who pretends he has an eye (kind of) for video I ran off to his site and saw his second amendment video. Great content. The lightings distracting to me though, it’s a little to perfect and doesn’t match (at least to my thinking) the background. Kind of distracting.

  3. And now the democrats must destroy him for being a traitor to the progressive agenda. They have already stated on the attack.

    • Of COURSE they are. The thought of having a bunch of blacks leave the democrat/government/victim-mentality plantation is about the scariest thing the bower-brokers in that dysfunctional community can imagine. So, spread the lies, hate, and fear-mongering STAT!

  4. He’s voted pretty good on gun rights. Voted for “strict scrutiny” amendment to Louisiana constitution.

    He also votes pretty straight Christian conservative on issues like making prostitution a “crime against nature” and he votes for government control on other issues.

    Although he did vote for allowing (granting government permission) alcohol and live entertainment in restaurants.

    I’d call him a Christian conservative Republican…

    His voting record:

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